The most personalized financial alternative


After listening your proposals we bring solutions. 3 solutions! Bitsa expands its offer with the new Bitsa plans!


In this year, Bitsa Card has positioned itself as one of the best alternatives for those users who are looking for a new way to manage their finances.


Today we go one step further to become the financial alternative that best suits your needs.


Through Telegram groups, reviews on the stores, on social networks …

We are always open to your suggestions.  We love to see the Bitsa family so involved!!


And like in every family, although we are all equal, we have different needs.

That is why today we launch the new… BITSA PLANS!!


Free Plan 

⭐⭐ Move Plan 

⭐⭐⭐ Pro Plan


Choose the plan that best adapts to you! 




3 options, 3 possibilities to control your money!


And dont’ forget that Bitsa is one of the best cryptocurrency cards,  with 15 different cryptocurrencies admitted!