Bitsa is the gateway to the crypto world.

Cryptocurrencies have changed the financial ecosystem forever. In the past, FIAT or fiat money was not talked about as much as it is now, as the distinctions between these currencies and cryptocurrencies are many. The most relevant is decentralization, making each crypto user the sole owner of his or her money.

Anyway, no matter how much you prefer one over the other, in our day-to-day lives we need FIAT money and many times the transition to crypto (and vice versa) can be a complicated and friction-filled experience.

In this context, Bitsa presents itself as an innovative solution that radically simplifies the way we interact with our cryptocurrencies in our daily lives.

Convert cryptocurrencies for FIAT

Bitsa is the prepaid card that allows you to convert your favorite cryptocurrencies into euros easily and quickly. Already have a cryptocurrency portfolio but want to dine at your favorite restaurant that only accepts euros?

With Bitsa, this process becomes as simple as making any purchase. Best of all, the restaurant does not need to know that you have paid with cryptocurrencies as they are converted to euros at the time of purchase and you receive euros.

Buying with cryptocurrencies

Bitsa is also accepted in both virtual and physical stores around the world. You can use it to purchase products, services and experiences with the same convenience you would use a conventional credit or debit card.

Paying with cryptocurrencies opens up a world of possibilities because, being a volatile asset, you can take advantage of price jumps to make purchases that were previously inaccessible. By having your investment on your debit card, you can easily take advantage of price volatility.

Keep track of your expenses

It also gives you the ability to keep a clear and organized record of your expenses in euros, which facilitates the management of your personal finances. Your transactions are recorded in the Bitsa application and you can access them at any time. Don’t forget that you can recharge with the amount you want, giving you total control over your expenses.

Bitsa functions as the bridge that connects the exciting universe of cryptocurrencies with everyday shopping and spending activities. It provides a safe, fast and easy way to exchange your cryptocurrencies for euros and use them anywhere you want. This is why we call Bitsa a Web 2.5 application, the intersection between Web2 and Web3.