tarjetas de regalo Bitsa en Sixthcontinent

SixthContinent launches the Bitsa gift card in Europe

A month ago we launched Bitsa in the Italian market, thanks to the release of the product on the famous Sixthcontinent platform.

The initiative was received in a positive way by the Italian public, and we had to satisfy the requests of thousands of new users, interested in buying the prepaid Bitsa card and the voucher to top it up, promoted on Sixthcontinent, the Profit Sharing platform made in Italy, the leader in the commercialization of gift cards.

After this month of test run and excellent results, thanks to the precious collaboration of Sixthcontinent, we have been able to go a step further and finally, we can announce that, from today, Bitsa will be present in this famous platform also in Spain and Portugal.

It is a very important result, since Bitsa is only a few months old, but also expected, thanks to the high differential value that distinguishes Bitsa from other products in the market.



Bitsa, the new way to buy online 


Bitsa is characterized by being a prepaid card that can be requested by anyone, without the need to have a bank account.

But, above all, Bitsa is the new way to buy online and make payments in any electronic and physical commerce since, in addition to the normal operations of a Visa card, it allows to:

  • Make SEPA transfers and transfers between cards;
  • Withdraw cash from any ATM and through a PINCASH in thousands of associated stores;
  • It is also possible to top it up with a multitude of option: with vouchers, cryptocurrencies and from other cards;

Another great advantage of Bitsa is the possibility of checking and managing all movements from the Bitsa App, available for free on Google Play and App Store.



How to buy Bitsa gift card at SixthContinent 


Buying a Bitsa top up on Sixthcontinent is very easy and profitable since every user who registers on the SixthContinent.com platform will receive daily credits as a reward to use them in the purchase of any gift card, receiving a considerable discount.

The idea behind SIXTHCONTINENT is to take advantage of the investments made by companies in advertising and discounts, in order to save money to their customers and redistribute profits among all users in the world.

Well, once the user has created an account on this platform, he can get his Bitsa top up by following these simple steps:

  • Click on the ‘SHOP’ icon in the upper right corner;
  • Select in the menu the ‘Country’ of purchase;
  • Insert in the search box the ‘BITSA’ name
  • By clicking on the Bitsa gift card a new window will be opened with information about the card.


The user will have to choose the desired top-up amount, the activation mode, and indicate if he wants to use in the purchase process his credits and/or points that have already collected in his account.

Finally, you can buy your gift card by choosing one of the payment methods available on the platform.

Once the payment process is finished, the user will have to redeem the voucher pin in the Bitsa App, to be able to see the amount reflected on his card … Easy and fast!

With the launch of Bitsa’s Gift Card on the virtuous economy Sixthcontinent platform, it will now be possible to instantly top up the prepaid card, thus guaranteeing quick and easy access to financial services, also to the unbanked public in Italy, Spain and Portugal.

We are very pleased with this achievement and we are sure that it is only the first of the many steps we will take to continue to provide everyone with free access to financial services, so they won’t be longer the exclusive prerogative of banks.


Stay tuned to our blog … soon Bitsa will be available in other European countries 😉