Bitsa Card, the best cryptocurrency card


In less than a year, the Bitsa prepaid card has managed to position itself in the top of the best cryptocurrency cards, exceeding the ten crypts admitted for reloading.

In its first year of life, the Bitsa project has evolved significantly by introducing improvements and always trying to solve the needs of its users. Facilitating greater usability for cryptocurrencies is one of the most demanded needs and, in this sense, Bitsa Card can be reloaded with up to 15 different cryptocurrencies!

Best cryptocurrency card? Find out why!

Nowadays, there are different options for those looking to buy prepaid cards. However, although many options are presented with cool names – such as “neobank” – the vast majority offer services linked to bank accounts. And what happens to users who don’t want or can’t use bank accounts? What happens to users who have cryptocurrencies and want to use them day-to-day? And with the youngest?

For all these cases, among many others, Bitsa has found solutions. For this reason, at present, there is no card in Europe as complete as Bitsa Card. Find out some of the reasons:

1. Cryptocurrency card: 15 crypts accepted!

Instantly convert your cryptocurrencies to euros to buy in physical and online stores, make transfers, etc. Bitsa users can reload their card directly with funds stored in the wallet installed on their mobile device, manually with the QR code and/or typing the wallet address.

At the moment, Bitsa accepts the following cryptocurrencies as a top-up method: BTC, BAT, BCH, LTC, DASH, ETH, XMR, DAI, TRX, USDT, XLM, XRP, ZEC, ONT, ONG.

From the most famous cryptos (like BTC or ETH) or tokens for content creators (like BAT), to stablecoins (like DAI or USDT) and even privacy-focused cryptocurrencies (like XRM), among several others. What will be the next to join the list?

In the European continent you will find very few companies with such variety. That’s why this, the Bitsa Card prepaid card, is the best card for your cryptocurrencies. Learn how to reload Bitsa with cryptocurrencies in a fast, secure and very simple way.


2. Prepaid card without bank account

Spend only the amount you top up without having an account in a bank. Thus you avoid paperwork, long registration processes and unnecessary risks.

The Bitsa card is a great option for those who want to keep their money safe. In addition, it belongs to one of the 5 Electronic Money Entities recognized by the Bank of Spain.

3. The most personalized financial alternative

With a prepaid card you won’t need to know the most common hidden bank commissions

Bitsa doesn’t require you to request a physical card. This is, once again, a thing of the old financial banking institutions.

Moreover, due to users have different needs, we offer Bitsa plans: 3 options, 3 possibilities to control your money!


4. Instant transfers

Bitsa is a cryptocurrency card that allows you, once converted into euros, to make bank transfers in the SEPA zone (48-72 hours), transfer to other cards and even instant transfers with other Bitsa users.

5. Bitsa Young: because young people also count

Bitsa services are also offered to young people under 18, always with the prior authorization of parents or legal guardians. In this way, young people between 14 and 17 years old can enjoy the same advantages as other Bitsa users.

With the Bitsa Young prepaid card for young people, the digital needs of the youngest are solved and they are granted the freedom to control their own money. It is time to familiarize with the world of finance!

6. Specialized customer service 365 days a year: because we like to take care of you

As if all this were not enough, Bitsa offers personalized attention thanks to the customer service center through multiple channels. The Bitsa support team is available in multiple languages, from Monday to Sunday!, 365 days a year.


What is to come!

The above are just some of the elements that make Bitsa take position in the European ranking of the best cryptocurrency cards. However, it is only the starting point.

Soon, Bitsa will integrate new cryptocurrencies and even offer another feature that will allow the user to save money without risks, or investments, thanks to a saving account. In it, using DeFi technology and thanks to the advances of blockchain technology, the user will obtain yields of between 5% and 11% annual interest.


Therefore, both the Bitsa free virtual card and the physical card end up acting as a bridge between the digital world and the material, allowing payments, purchases and transfers made with funds from cryptocurrencies.