Viajar al extranjero con una tarjeta prepago

A travel card without extra fees

Travel without limits with a prepaid card

You check the flight tickets, suitcases, mobile and tablet chargers and… you forgot to request a free prepaid card! A simple mistake that will cost you dearly expensive on your holidays. Commissions await you at your new destination with open arms; or rather rubbing his hands.

More and more people opt for these solutions to travel without extra worries. Prepaid cards are cards without a bank account that allow you to manage your money in a more comfortable and safe way.

Prepaid cards offer many advantages and are especially useful for traveling abroad. London, Cuba, Morocco… Today, we travel more than ever before and we always have to be aware of changing enough local currency for the days that we will be visiting in the chosen country; in addition to worry about having too much foreign currency after the holidays.

However, wouldn’t it be easier to have your money on a card that allows you to pay and withdraw it without unnecessary commissions? We have it clear,
the best card to travel is one that does not cost you money.



How to get money abroad

Easy! You just only have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Request a prepaid card. You have several options available on the Internet, but not all work the same.
    If you want your payments to be fast, easy, and safe, we recommend you to take a look at the Bitsa card; which has the VISA guarantee.
  2. Virtual card or physical card? It’s up to you. Or well, why not both? The free virtual BITSA card will not take place in your wallet.
  3. Start managing your money. And if you are a #cryptolover, with this prepaid card with cryptocurrencies you can also manage them, pay in physical stores, online and even withdraw cash at ATMs and stores with PINCASH.
  4. Enjoy your holidays! When you have to get money abroad, go to any ATM with your BITSA and you will immediately have your money (+ 1.50% out of the Eurozone).
  5. Control your expenses and transfer more money if you are “enjoying too much” your holidays. From the App you can do all the transactions.

You already know, if you want to avoid the “I told you!” from that friend who advised you to buy a prepaid card with no commissions for traveling, do not miss it again.

A travel card without extra fees is synonymous with zero concerns.