Best places to travel alone

A traveler who made his first trip alone at the age of 26 wrote to you here and assures you that it is one of the best experiences you can have in life. One of the keys to making this experience much more satisfactory is knowing which are the best places to travel alone.
It is not easy to travel alone, or actually it is easy but it is difficult to make the decision. This is because there are many fears around this type of trip (some real, but most imaginary).
Perhaps the most recurrent fear is Will I be alone all day? I can assure you that this question disappears automatically on the first day of travel, where you find many travelers who are in the same situation as you are and want to find companions to visit the tourist attractions of the city or simply have a beer in company.


But of course, it is true that this experience may differ depending on the place where you travel, since possibly in the Ethiopian desert there are not the same number of people willing to befriend you as if they exist in the heart of Buenos Aires.
Therefore, today I bring you a short but fruitful list of destinations where you can travel alone and feel well accompanied:


La Habana (Cuba)

The capital of the Central American country stands out for its landscapes and history, in addition to the particular reality that its population lives on this island plagued by political conflicts. With the arrival of the “revolution” the city has been stopped in time, which allows us to appreciate a building structure and customs worthy of old movies.

The most positive thing for lonely travelers is the possibility of creating friendships easily since there are a large number of tourists in the city attracted by the beauty and mainly because Havana is one of the cheapest destinations in all of America.

So take note: Havana is an excellent place to travel alone and at a low price.


Cusco (Perú)

If you know what Machu Pichu is, you will surely understand that Cusco is a place full of history and beauty. This city was one of the bastions of the ancient Inca empire and is a place where you can breathe pure air and tranquility.

This city is also known as “The Rome of America” ​​thanks to the countless amount of ruins and ancient monuments that can be seen in its surroundings.

Cusco is a very cheap place, with simple but very pleasant lodgings where you can meet people from anywhere in the world. On the other hand, if you are looking for a calmer and more introspective trip, you can also really enjoy the Andean mountains that surround the city.

Remember: Cusco is inexpensive and you can make many friends or decide to enjoy the surrounding nature quietly and in solitude.


Berlín (Germany)

The German capital is included in this list due to its multiculturalism. Berlin is a city that welcomes you with open arms and that will never wonder who you are, what you do and why you come.

Any traveler who has known Berlin knows that the night there is lived differently, especially when you decide to enter one of its famous nightclubs. If you have traveled alone, it is highly likely that you will end the night accompanied.

Berlin is an ideal city to party, drink beer and wake up at noon to learn a bit of its incredible history and although it is not an economical city, it is perfect for travelers looking to live new experiences without depending on other people.

Memorize: Berlin is beautiful during the day but mainly at night and if you travel alone it is very likely that you will end up accompanied.


Koh Phi Phi (Thailand)

This island has become famous thanks to the film “The Beach” by Leonardo Di Caprio and, years later, by the tsunami that has hit it completely devastated. Today, recovered, it receives thousands of tourists a year and is one of the most recommended sites for a solo trip.

Why are the Phi Phi Islands ideal for solo travel? Despite being a distant destination and difficult to access, these islands have very friendly inhabitants who will undoubtedly always welcome you with a smile from ear to ear.

Thailand’s infrastructure is more than decent and will connect you to dozens of dream tourist attractions. Furthermore, being a place that receives a lot of tourism, a large part of its population speaks a little English and some even a little Spanish.

Thailand is one of the destinations most chosen by travelers who travel alone since you can visit it on a low budget and it has incredible landscapes.

Summary: The Phi Phi islands are as beautiful as the best wallpaper and there you will find many travelers in the same situation as you.


Southern Alps (New Zealand)

Considered by many people as “The last great paradise”, this mountain range is home to hundreds of landscapes that will fill your retina (and your Instagram) with pure beauty. You will find 15 incredible mountains including the famous “Mount Cook” and other giant peaks that seem to come from another dimension and are perfect to freeze in the lens of any of the best SLRs of 2020.

If what you are looking for is a trip in solitude (complete solitude) this destination may be ideal since we assure you that after visiting the Southern Alps you will return to your routine (if you still decide to continue having routine) like a new person.

Here you can reflect in peace, climb mountains and meet the worst and the best of you. This is a destination chosen by many travelers to do yoga or meditation practices/retreats as it helps to rest the mind to its deepest levels.

Bottom line: the Southern Alps are the ideal place to truly travel alone, climb a lot, rest your mind, and return completely refreshed.


We have traveled a large part of the planet in these lines, alone but prepared to find company if we feel it necessary. That is perhaps one of the most beautiful things about traveling alone: ​​you decide everything completely.

Among the things that I have decided in my last trips is the obligation to move with a Bitsa prepaid card that is especially useful to avoid the typical currency exchange problems in foreign countries and also to keep a detailed control of each one of my expenses.