Mejores apps de finanzas personales

Best personal finance apps

New year, new life… I am sure that by the beginning of 2021, you will have set yourself many goals, and perhaps among them is to save money, and consequently, control your expenses… If so, this article is for you. Today we will discover the best personal finance apps of 2021.


When we talk about personal finance apps we refer to those that help us manage our money when we aim to save. 

Getting to the end of the month with a little money saved isn’t for everyone. There are people who are very skilled and capable of living life without missing anything and, at the same time, save a small amount of money to be able to make a good financial cushion. But these are isolated cases and most people are not able to save a penny cent and ends every month with the account in red.

If you’re one of those, the best thing you can do is trust a tool that does the work for you. Find out what are the best personal finance apps you can use to become a PRO saver.

Types of Personal Finance Apps

Before discovering the most useful Apps that can help you when it comes to putting your finances in order, let’s see what kind of personal finance apps exist in the market and what are their characteristics.


Expense control apps are those that allow keep accounting of your income and expenses. Many of them allow what is known as banking aggregation which consists of synchronizing with your bank, that is, adding your bank account to the App to have all the information in one place. So, having all the data of income, purchases, transfers, the App will be able to calculate your expenses, classifying them automatically by category (eg purchases, trips, pharmacy, money withdrawals etc.). In this way you will have all the updated data and you will be able to see where you spend the most without being surprised at the end of the month.

If you’re wondering if it’s safe to connect your bank account with the app, you can relax. This is a very safe process as these are entities registered and regulated at European level and now with PSD2 it is even more difficult to receive alerts of fraudulent payments made behind your back.

Best expense control apps 



I’m sure you’ve heard of it since it’s one of the mobile apps created in Spain most famous on the market as it was the first to allow the bank aggregation function

Fintonic is available for Android and iOS and, among its most outstanding functionalities, we find the following:

  • Account synchronization and aggregation
  • Automatic categorization of expenses
  • Creation of budgets
  • Alerts on suspicious movements in our accounts
  • Finscore: this is a score that represents your financial health. It is assigned
    taking into account your expenses and saving capacity, to know the amount of credit that can be offered to you.


  1. Whallet

Whallet is another application that helps to manage our personal finances and that, unlike Fintonic, allows the user to control cash spending. 

Among its characteristics we find the following: 

  • Month-to-month comparison of your expenses and income.
  • Classification of expenses by categories.
  • Monthly lists of movements.
  • Multi-language
  • Many currencies available.


  1. Money Pro

Similar to the above, Money Pro has the following features:

  • Creation of budgets
  • Control of expenses by categories (manually)
  • Cloud storage (with subscription)
  • Account aggregation (with subscription).


  1. Spendee

This app, available for free only for Android devices, allows you to classify expenses, make budgets and have a view of all our finances from one place. 


There are other types of financial Apps, which are in vogue especially among the youngest public, focused on saving since they allow to save the exchange with each purchase you make with a card.

That is, if you spend 1.20 for a bus ticket, for example, the app retains the remaining 0.80 (as if you had paid € 2) and stores it in its digital piggy bank, allowing you to save small amounts with each payment with card.


Best savings apps


Coinscrap is a savings application whose main features are:

  • Definition of savings targets
  • Automatic saving
  • Investment in mutual funds and pension plans.


  1. Arbor

Another microsaving application similar to the previous one is Arbor.

It has the following functionalities:

  • Definition of financial objectives
  • Automatic saving with rounding rules
  • Discounts on different services (with subscription).


  1. Money Race 2 

Money Race 2, available only for Android devices, is an app that teaches you how to manage money to achieve your financial freedom.

It is inspired by the famous game Cashflow, by Robert Kiyosaki, and it is a very useful tool to learn to improve your skills in money and investment management.