Tarjetas virtuales

Virtual card: what is and what are the benefits?


Although it coexists with many other methods (such as mobile payment), today the use of the card as a mode of payment is still preferred by users. Specifically prepaid cards are the ones that are gaining the most popularity and it is not surprising. As soon as you know the advantages of a prepaid card you will change the way you face life. The way you shop online, the way you travel and even the way you control your money, everything changes ! However, the digital reality that prevails in our lives today has made the use of other types of cards grow exponentially. Internet purchases are growing and many people still distrust when giving their data on a website. In this context virtual cards become effective.

What is a virtual card?

A virtual card is a product created to buy online. It is the best prepaid card for those who shop online.

These are safe for this type of transactions due to, being rechargeable cards, you only add the amount you want to spend. In this way, the control over your expenses is greater (avoiding falling into compulsive purchases), and security is guaranteed as they are independent of the rest of the cards you have.

If we also make purchases in an ecommerce with reinforced payment mechanisms such as 3D Secure, extra security!

Minimized the chances of fraud, another advantage of virtual cards is that, in most cases, are free and have no maintenance costs. In addition, the fact of being virtual implies an obvious: you cannot lose them, nor can they steal or clone you.

To all of the above it is important to add one of the main advantages of a virtual card … You can get a free virtual card!

That’s right, in most cases are virtual free cards that can be obtained in seconds to start using in a very comfortable, intuitive and secure way.

Black Friday, Christmas, Valentine … Having your virtual card ready you will manage all your purchases without moving from home.

Request a virtual card

Do you want to know how to get a free virtual card? If you want to be part of the Bitsa Community, as a new user the steps are quick and easy. Pay attention:

  1. Download the Bitsa App (for iOS or Android).
  2. Fill in the basic information: name, email and contact phone number.
  3. Request your virtual card. IT’S FREE!!
  4. Verified the whole process, you will have your card in a few seconds; ready to be used
  5. If you later wish to obtain your Bitsa Card in physical format, you can also request it from the App.

Join the Bitzer revolution with a prepaid card without a bank account. Plastic or virtual; you choose