5 ways to earn crypto online

As a blockchain technology enthusiast, I have to face the reality that most people come to this industry searching for a way to make some profit. To satisfy this hunger to increase our coffers, today I am going to tell you about 5 ways to earn crypto online.

The myth says you don’t need a lot of money to begin your crypto journey and it can be true. However, you will still have to give something to the world to get a return. It can be time, effort or just consistency.

Now, let’s get to know these 5 ways to earn crypto online and, hopefully, after making your first profits, you will discover the potential of this technology that goes far beyond the economic aspect.


Crypto Games

The first way to earn crypto online is undoubtedly one of the most popular of recent times, to which we have dedicated an entire article. It is by this means that many people have had their first approach to the crypto world. There are options for all tastes and wallets.

We have some games that do not require any investment, such as Roller Coin and Saturobi, and others that require an interesting investment to start playing, such as Axie Infinity, Alien World or EarnBet.

The play to earn concept

With Crypto Games, a new concept has been born, “Play to Earn”. This means the combination of two things that, as human beings, we all love:

  • Having fun
  • Earning money

The master brains behind crypto development have thought Why instead of earning points or experience for reaching a new level, beating an opponent or improving in a game, don’t we give out cryptocurrencies as a reward?

Then, everything changed. As the owner of a wallet, you can connect it to the game and all the profits that you get are directly sent there. Each item that you see on those games is represented by an NFT that makes it easy to:

  • Identify the owner
  • Dispose of them as we wish

Opportunities in this field are just beginning to be explored.


Learn to earn

Did you ever think you would be paid to learn? Well, the crypto world makes this wonderful opportunity possible. If we think about it quickly, it makes perfect sense. The crypto world has:

  • Innovative ideas and solutions
  • Unique products
  • Large, interested investors
  • A world of possibilities

However, it lacks something extremely important to really take this ecosystem to the next level – users who take advantage of all the benefits developed here. Yes, again I’m here talking about adoption, but is inevitable to write about it because is what we lack the most.

Learn to earn programs

We have some really big crypto players that offer this kind of program. Binance, Coinbase and CoinMarketCap are offering users rewards for:

  • Getting involved in the learning process
  • Solve exercises and demonstrate what they have learned

Cake DeFi learn and earn, it’s a program focused on rewarding us while we learn. Today we can be paid on their tokens, but the rumour is that sooner than later rewards in BTC and ETH are going to be released.



Work to earn, definitely the most satisfying thing to earn crypto


Work to earn

My way of perceiving the world leads me to consider this opportunity as the most important one in the whole article. In a growing industry with enormous potential, which investors around the world are recognising by putting capital into it, there is nothing but opportunity for all.

Just a few years ago, the crypto environment just gave opportunities to those that know how to write code or were on the path to mastering it. Nonetheless, the emergence of Ethereum and its Smart Contracts gave us the gift of a new industry. And the most remarkable news is that we are building this new space together.

Required positions in the crypto space

As I said earlier, a lot of positions are required in this emerging ecosystem. The most important task we face, in the crypto world, is to spread the benefits of this technology. Therefore, they are needed:

  • Publicists
  • Writers
  • Marketing people
  • Speakers

But, that’s not all. The user experience is something that we really need to improve so, graphic designers and UI and UX experts are are actually wanted. Another important lack, in this ecosystem, is people that truly understand the economy. Design sustainable tokenomics is not an easy task and people who can work on this kind of development, are in the need.

Lastly, but no least important, as always developers are expected with open arms. This need opens up other opportunities like, Product Owners, Project Managers and everyone that work around the developers teams.

To begin with your search, you can look at websites as Cryptocurrency Jobs, Blockchain Headhunter, Be In Crypto or Crypto Jobs List, just to name a few. Work to earn in the cryptocurrency industry and you will be highly rewarded.


DeFi opportunities

The opportunities in DeFi today are almost inexhaustible. This ecosystem started by simply replicating what existed in traditional finance and ended up developing new ways to generate returns. There are opportunities for everyone and you just have to look at websites such as Coindix or DeFiLlama, to find the best chances to grow your holdings.

Maybe, the most important concept derived from the DeFi world is “Money Legos”. This means, that you can take what you have in one DeFi app and take it to another one to produce even more rewards. And that chain can go almost forever.

Obviously, we have to be very careful when investing our money. As we always say, the freedom that comes with crypto leaves us solely responsible for our money. Now let’s see some options.


The simplest way to get returns on our currencies. By simply depositing them on different platforms, we will find a return. Opportunities span different blockchains and varying returns. Be careful, the phrase “too good to be true” often saves our funds.

Liquidity providing

In decentralized exchanges, settlement is provided by the users themselves. Thus, providing liquidity in a pair of currencies is a way to generate returns. For example, we provide liquidity in the DAI-ETH pair on Uniswap and we will get a share of the fees paid by those who exchange these currencies.

Liquidity mining

Many platforms, in order to attract liquidity providers, offer extra rewards to the fees of DEX users. This technique is called liquidity mining. It takes the form of giving rewards in the application’s own currency to those who provide liquidity.


Collecting AirDrops

Well, while it may not be the best advice I can give, it is true that collecting AirDrops has been a source of income for many people. Once again, with the aim of attracting users and rewarding those who venture into early application use, AirDrops have generated more than a few smiles.

Some AirDrops are announced. For example, a platform releases its test version and announces it:

  • “All those who use it and report bugs or deficiencies to us will be rewarded”

Where do we find these announcements? Generally, on Twitter.

However, the best AirDrops are those that weren’t announced. Uniswap, dYdX, ENS and Paraswap, were the most remarkable ones. That’s why, so many crypto-users, interact whit a lot of platforms by doing some minor movements on them, such as exchanging some coins or depositing them, in order to be rewarded in the future.

There is nothing guaranteed in this “chasing AirDrop” activity, but you never know.



Learn how the world of cryptocurrencies works, and you’ll get paid in return


A simple glance forward

The possibilities for earning crypto online are extremely varied, and today we have only superficially explored five of them. In an ecosystem that is still discovering how to shape itself, possibilities flourish for those who know how to take advantage of them.

From my point of view, the most important thing about these possibilities is that as we take advantage of them, we realize the potential that this technology has to change our world and make it a better place.

The crypto ecosystem is just beginning to develop. Let’s join in to build it without losing sight of the values that gave it inception, decentralization, freedom and equal opportunities for everyone.