5 Profitable Online Businesses

Today we will talk about 5 profitable online businesses that can help you find a constant source of income. They also do not need a large initial investment and can be started directly from home.
These online businesses have minimal entry barriers, which makes them accessible to a large part of the population. Or at least a large part of the population that has reached this article and can meet them.
So enough of preambles and we are going to know the 5 profitable online businesses of 2020 that I recommend you take advantage of:


1- Dropshipping

Dropshipping consists of selling products online even if you don’t have them. You offer products online and once you sell them, you buy them from a wholesaler to distribute the merchandise to your customer.
In this case, you are the intermediary between the customer and the wholesale manufacturer. All you have to do is find products that you can charge more for than the wholesaler charges, and keep that difference for yourself.
Dropshipping, similar to arbitrage, is one of the internet businesses that is becoming more fashionable and has the advantage that there is no risk of being left with unsold products in stock since you only buy when you receive a sale.


2- Take surveys

This is a simple and fast way to make money online, accessible to anyone with a smartphone or laptop and a web connection.
While it is not a task that I recommend doing full time, it can help you earn money in your spare time.
How does it work? There are many companies that need to do market research and make different surveys available to find out what users think about their product or service.
In exchange for filling out these surveys, you will receive small benefits from the company or a survey company.
The best thing about this type of online business is that you do not need initial investment or specific training.



3-  Community Manager

If you still do not know what a Community Manager is, you will like to know that it is a profession that does not require a large amount of knowledge and yet it is one of the most coveted professions for any brand that has an internet presence.
The Community Manager or CM is the professional in charge of building and managing communities on the internet on behalf of a brand. She is the person behind the brands and responsible for interacting with the fans of the same. Be it through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik-Tok or hundreds of other channels.
While some brands require hiring a CM with great technical knowledge, it is true that a small business (with a lower budget) can get by with a community manager with a lower level of knowledge.
In that case, a profitable online business can be transformed for you since the entry barrier would be lower and perhaps by taking some online courses on Community Management you will be able to get a job (quite well paid) in this area.


4- Print 3D products

In this case, a larger initial budget will be necessary, but I assure you that the profits will be much higher.
3D printing is one of the greatest technological advances in recent years and is strongly driving the evolution of electronic commerce and online businesses.
With a 3D printer you can make jewelry, knives, motorcycle parts, works of art, etc, etc, etc and more etc.
There are thousands of websites that currently have thousands of 3D objects ready to print and hundreds of designers willing to create new custom designs.
You should only invest in a good 3D printer and materials, take orders, print and ship to your home. Actually, this model offers great margins for those who decide to anticipate the ever closer future.


5- Rent a room or house on Airbnb

Many times the profitable online business that we think we should look for, we already have it next to us (or a few meters away).
If you’ve heard of Airbnb but haven’t done much research, it may be time you did. Airbnb is an online platform where you can offer low-cost accommodation at home. If you have a spare room that you do not use or a property that you do not currently rent, this may be the perfect deal.
You can rent by season or by days and the same platform will offer a guarantee of protection against damage and accidents.
In addition, you will be in charge of setting the rental price, the rules for guests and you will only be charged 3% for each reservation made through Airbnb.


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