5 keys tips for saving money on travel


Traveling is that incredible feeling of breaking the monotonous routine and embracing freedom with your arms towards the sky, and towards the wallet. Know these 5 keys to save traveling and travel in peace.
There are thousands of tips for traveling with little money, but we will try to make a (totally subjective) summary of the main 5:


1- Be as flexible as possible
We are not talking about stretching like a Russian gymnast, but about having flexibility when planning. For example, if you do not depend on an exact date to buy the flights, you will surely get one at a better price and even better, if you are open to multiple destinations, you will get offers that you cannot even imagine.

2- Take buses at night
Yes, traveling at night is an excellent option for all of us who are looking to save. In this way you will not have to pay for nights of accommodation in a hostel or in a hotel and you will save time since you will move around sleeping.

3- Ask for a prepaid card without bank accounts
If you want to save on dozens of ridiculous commissions, we recommend you avoid prepaid bank cards that involve an extra expense in every decision you make with your money. Better choose options like Bitsa prepaid that is not associated with any bank and will save you a lot of money.

4- Avoid taxis
Although many times we will have no other option, a taxi trip can cost you up to half of your plane ticket. It is always essential to anticipate and know where and at what times we will move to coordinate our movements with public transport schedules.

5- Say goodbye to gifts for social commitment
The truth is that if you do not buy gifts, your true friends and family will understand the situation and you can enjoy that excursion that you were missing or simply return with more money for your next trip.