3 innovative business ideas

Entrepreneurship is not just a matter of money and these 3 innovative business ideas prove it. Many times it is more important to have a good idea than a bulky budget.

Hundreds of people get frustrated every day because they don’t get the resources to start a business. That’s why I wanted to write this article: to encourage them and show them that it is possible.

In addition to this dose of inspiration, I recommend that you know what crowdfunding is since it will show you an excellent option if you need initial money without asking relatives or banks.

So let’s get back to it: 3 creative ideas that have caught my attention, who have triumphed despite how crazy they seemed, and who have needed a minimum investment:


1- Smart mattresses

The market for beds and sleeping accessories has not mutated too much for centuries. It’s really amazing that we keep sleeping almost the same way our ancestors did when we see so much progress in other areas.

Fortunately, Luna Sleep cares about this and has developed a mattress cover that allows regulating the temperature. And also, if you sleep with the company, you can choose the temperature that each area of the mattress will have!

Everything can be controlled from a simple app on the mobile, which also controls the quality of your sleep and wakes you up at the ideal time not to bother you.


2- Dog lenses

While it sounds like a rather ridiculous business idea, the results have shown the opposite, and thanks to these dog lenses, Doogles has managed to revolutionize the pet care market.

It turns out that the owner of the company loved to play by throwing the frisbee at him and began to notice that the sun was bothering her when she grabbed him. One day he tried putting on some ski goggles and noticed the change

From then on he worried about how to create an ideal product for the facial features of dogs and everything else was to enjoy the resounding success of his venture.


3- Million Dollar Fanpage

The third of the innovative business ideas I would like to highlight is that of Million Dollar Fanpage. Perhaps the craziest idea that has ever existed on the internet.

The biggest demonstration in history that if you want to start a business, the budget doesn’t have to be a constraint. This was understood by Alex Tew, a 21-year-old Englishman who decided to create a website that would raise $1 million with an investment of $50 (domain + server cost).

The idea was to create a website with a million pixels divided into 1-pixel grids, each pixel having a value of $1.00 and sold by blocks of 10 x 10 pixels. The first 1,000 pixels were sold to friends and family but when the young man’s idea was published on a few tech blogs, the business went viral in a matter of days.

In 2 months, the website had received $250,000 and was number 3 on the internet, just behind Britney Spears’ and Photo District News’ websites.

Finally achieved the goal of selling 1 million pixels and stayed with 1 million dollars in 5 months.