10 best gifts for a traveler


Do you want to know what to give to a friend, cousin or brother? Take it easy, here is a simple and effective guide to the 10 best gifts for a traveler.

You will think that the best option may be to give him a travel ticket (very smart on your part) but most of the time it is too expensive and you do not know the availability of the person (not so smart on your part). So let’s go for the list of gifts that always work:



1- A suitcase
Essential element for a traveler, as well as the Google Maps application. There are hundreds of suitcase options on the market and discounts are always available. Tip: choose neutral colors like blue or black, those never fail.
2- Comfortable footwear
Another of the “indispensable” for any traveler who needs to travel cities without falling under the fearful clutches of fatigue.
3- Bitcoin Gift Card
This is an ideal gift for travelers for two reasons. Firstly, because they will be able to exchange the gift card for bitcoin and have money available in any country through Bitsa Card, the best card for cryptocurrencies and secondly because due to the constant increase in the price of Bitcoin, maybe I will return from the trip with more money than I had before leaving.
4- Kindle
Travelers have to deal with many problems, but one of the main ones is not being able to carry books with them, since in many cases they could easily exceed the weight of the suitcase. Solution: A beautiful kindle so you can carry all your books wherever you go without worries.
5- External battery
If your budget is limited and you want to give him something useful and cheap, this can be a very good option. One of the main fears of travelers is the notification of “low battery” and even more so if he is in an unknown place.
The options are varied, from comfortable shoes to a bitcoin gift card. Now it’s your turn, put your hand in your pocket, buy a good gift and make them remember you on every trip!