With Bitsa you can withdraw cash wherever you are, from ATMs or in thousands of stores through the PINCASH service!

In this post we will explain how easy it is to have your money instantly, whenever and wherever you want.

How to withdraw money with PinCash

One of the most innovative services of Bitsa card is the possibility of withdrawing money with a PINCASH. But… what a PinCash is and how it works? Now we’re going to show you.

The PinCash service allows you to withdraw cash that you have available on your prepaid card instantly, thanks to a PIN that is generated in your App and that you will have to scan or show to any point of sale or ATM associated with Bitsa.

Let’s see step by step how to do it.

Once you access the Bitsa App, choose one of your Bitsa cards associated with the App. From the Home menu, choose the PinCash option.

A new screen will open and you will be asked for the amount you wish to withdraw in cash.

Before typing the amount, make sure that the amount you want to withdraw is less than or equal to the amount of money you have available on your Bitsa card.

After typing the amount, another screen, with the summary of the operation, will open. Once confirmed, you will have your PinCash available, which consists of a barcode that you will have to scan at one of the ATMs or physical stores associated with Bitsa.

You can search for Bitsa ATMs or partner stores on the App map.

You only have to go back to the App’s Home screen, choose the location icon and click on the PINCASH button to see all the available points, where to withdraw the desired amount.

How to display and cancel your PinCash

Once you have generated your PinCash code, you can view it within the same App.

You will only have to go back to the Home screen of the App, click on the cash withdrawal icon and a screen, with a list of all the generated PinCash, will open showing you also the expiration date and the requested amount.

If you made a mistake with the amount or, simply, you no longer need to withdraw money, you can cancel the PinCash code at any time.

* We recommend you do it before the expiration date indicated in the App.

Withdraw cash at any ATM

Another option offered by Bitsa is to withdraw cash at associated ATMs, without paying fees.

This means that, by withdrawing from one of the Bitsa partner ATMs, the operation will have no cost.

In the menu of the home screen of the App, access the map by clicking on the location icon and click the ATM button.

Make sure you have the GPS activated so that Bitsa can show you the closest associated ATMs.

We leave you a video so you can see how easy it is to withdraw cash and top up your Bitsa Card at one of the associated ATMs.

We remind you that, for now, the physical points to use the PinCash service are available only in a limited number of places.

In Bitsa we are, little by little, expanding the number of associated stores and, soon, they will also be available on the App map.

That’s why we advise you to be aware of the news about Bitsa in our Blog and in our Social Networks.


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