Multi prepaid cards Bitsa

Bitsa prepaid multi-cards

Have you ever wished you could separate your expenses and transactions and thus avoid having everything mixed in the same account? Now you can do it without wasting time because the Bitsa prepaid multi-cards arrive.

Bitsa’s multi-card feature is the fastest, easiest, and flexible way to control your expenses.

Bitsa prepaid multi-cards with independent balances

Just open the Bitsa app and request your new cards. The price of each card will depend on your Bitsa plan.

Now you can have up to 4 physical cards and 4 virtual cards!

Each of them with an independent balance to the others, so you can assign a specific use to better control your money.

Multi tarjeta prepago saldos independientes Bitsa

There are many unexpected ways to use prepaid cards, but now you can use your Bitsa cards for many different things.

A card for your children, to share expenses with your partner, another card for online purchases, one exclusively for the funds obtained from the cryptocurrency exchange to euros, a card to put money aside, another to travel, etc.

Several cards = endless possibilities!

multi prepaid cards bitsa virtual card cryptocurrencies euros
Bitcoin family criptomonedas viajar

What to do with your cryptocurrencies? The case of the Bitcoin family

Can you imagine traveling around the world using your cryptocurrency funds? Although it still seems distant, nothing is further from reality. Didi Taihuttu and her family are proof of this. Take note of what to do with your cryptocurrencies discovering the case of the Bitcoin family.

They have visited more than 35 countries and in many of the cities visited they were able to pay about 80% of their needs directly with BTC. The Dutch family known as the “Bitcoin family” enjoy a decentralized life, traveling the world and spreading the values linked to the blockchain and cryptocurrencies sector.

Whether you have doubts about usability within the world of cryptocurrencies or if you have launched to buy your first bitcoins, or if you already have funds from several cryptocurrencies, we encourage you to discover more deeply the case of the bitcoin family.

The Bitcoin family sold everything

Didi Taihuttu, Romaine, Joli, Juna and Jessa are the members of the Bitcoin Family. They travel the world solely on cryptocurrency and maintain a minimalist lifestyle. “Many new people just come to the market for making some quick bucks” said Didi Taihuttu. However, they started by giving up all luxury and selling their belongings.

“Blockchain and crypto are providing us with the tools to get back some control and prevent that middleman (third parties) will get all the strings in their hands. I think people need to realize that this is the reason to be in crypto and not just buying a Lamborghini”.

Didi Taihuttu

After selling all their belongings and exchanging it for bitcoins, the Bitcoin family can carry out their passion for years: Traveling.

In this way, this Dutch family lives a life far from all materialism and tries to raise awareness about the monetary revolution that cryptography and blockchain entails around the world.

In addition, they are always in constant search of sponsors, volunteers and collaborating media, to help them during their adventure around the world, raising awareness about Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

On social networks they have a large community of fans who follow their adventures around the world through vlogs and interviews. Thus, everyone can see that cryptocurrencies as a payment method are much more accepted than people think.

Bitcoin Family sell everything crypto
Bitcoin Family travelling Valencia Spain

The Bitcoin family tries to educate people about the real fundamentals of Blockchain and Bitcoin and also teach charities about the potential of Bitcoin as a form of donation.

“People only look short-term and don’t understand how blockchain and crypto will change this world. Everybody needs to zoom out and look at it with a long term perspective and understand that it’s not just about making millions but mainly about the philosophical values of blockchain and crypto. Values like freedom, independency, transparent decentralized processes and trust”.

Didi Taihuttu

Without a doubt, they are an adventurous and technological family. We know first-hand that among the best apps for traveling that they have on their phones is the Bitsa app. Why? Keep reading!

The Bitcoin family at Bitsa!

Among the large list of cities visited, the Bitcoin Family made a stop in Spain to visit one of the Bitsa Card offices.


Ver esta publicación en Instagram


Una publicación compartida de Bitsa (@bitsa_card) el

During their visit they told us about their experience traveling the world and having their BTC available anytime. In addition, the oldest daughter in the family (Joli) got her first prepaid card that supports BTC as a top-up method: the Bitsa Young card ( a card for young people between 14 and 17 years old).

Regardless of their age, teens and adults who follow the example of the Bitcoin Family may encounter certain impediments in their day to day.

What to do with your cryptocurrencies when BTC is not accepted as a payment method?

Top-Up Bitsa prepaid card with Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies

The Bitsa prepaid card allows to be reloaded with cryptocurrency funds. Supports up to 15 different cryptocurrencies! For this reason it is currently the best cryptocurrency card on the European market.

So you can pay at any store or ecommerce with your cryptocurrency funds automatically converted into fiat currency (euros).

Learn how to top up Bitsa with cryptocurrencies and start taking charge of your financial freedom.

Like the Bitcoin family, make your dreams come true thanks to cryptocurrencies and the prepaid card without bank accounts: Bitsa Card!

Bitsa Card mejor tarjeta comprar por Internet

Virtual cards: The best cards for online shopping

Internet and new technologies provide us with great comforts and have change the way we relate and even our consumption habits. In the sector of payments, a clear example of these changes is the one experienced by the card. Today, virtual cards are the best cards for online shopping.
If you still don’t have yours,
at the end of the post we will tell you how to get a virtual Bitsa card for free.

The card quickly positioned itself as one of the preferred payment methods for users. Its comfort and usability were important strengths. Banking institutions began offering cards to their users for managing the money they had in their accounts.

However, in an increasingly digitized world, many users are wary of sharing the data of their main card when doing any type of purchase on the Internet. And it is not wonder. 

Nowadays, there are many threats online, even when we follow all the tips to identify a reliable ecommerce. Therefore, it is important to find solutions that protect our money, especially when we use it on Internet.

Compras online tarjetas virtuales

In that sense, the advantages of having a prepaid card without a bank account have led to the rise of payment methods that escape old financial institutions, and with this users have now greater control over their own funds.

And taking a further step in the trajectory of changes that cards have undergone in recent years, it is important to mention the rise of virtual cards.

Interest grows in virtual card for online shopping

Regarding these cards, It is a payment method that provides extra peace of mind when making all kinds of online purchases. Among the several benefits of the virtual card, it stands out – first of all, the security it offers.

Little by little the world is discovering the potential of these cards and the interest in this payment method is growing.

According to Google, the search term “Virtual Card” is increasing over time. Specifically, it can be seen how, in the last five years, worldwide interest in virtual cards has grown in a consolidated manner.

Coronavirus Crece el interés por las tarjetas virtuales para las compras online durante el COVID19

Source: Google Trends

Special mention to the notable growth seen in the graph (red line), which corresponds to March 2020.

The world health crisis of COVID19 has been a favorable context for this sector; the popularity of virtual cards for online shopping has skyrocketed.

In the confinement phase, Internet consumption reached historical levels, online sales grew, and consequently the number of cyber attacks and scams also increased. In this way, many users took advantage of this moment to see by first-hand the benefits of prepaid virtual cards.

Today, virtual cards have already become in a method of payment over the Internet widely accepted and recommended by users.

How to get a virtual card for shopping online

Recharging only the amount of money you want to spend to make sure you do not buy compulsively, avoiding fraud and make difficult for cyber hackers to access to all your savings, carrying out all kinds of purchases comfortably from your phone … Why you still don’t have a virtual card?

If you really want to have these benefits that we just mentioned, it is important that you look for those virtual cards not linked to banks / without bank accounts. This way you make sure not to sign restrictive clauses or eternal permanence contracts and to avoid all kinds of links with your funds.

In the case of Bitsa Card, getting a virtual card is as simple as:

1º Download the Bitsa app:

2º Register your user and verify your identity.

3º Enjoy the free Bitsa virtual card that you will automatically have for being part of the Bitsa community.

Easy, right?

If you wish, you can also request your physical Bitsa prepaid card for your purchases in the “offline world”.

To access the data, control your movements, recharge and other procedures, simply open the Bitsa app or from your own computer thanks to the Bitsa Card dashboard.

Tarjeta virtual Bitsa tarjeta prepago compras online

As you have seen, the popularity of these payment methods is increasing. The ease and comfort of virtual cards for online purchases make evident the growing interest  in virtual cards in recent times.

Now that you know how to get one, we are waiting for you in the Bitsa family with open arms and with very interesting news just around the corner.

Plan Pro Bitsa Card Exclusivo

Forget the limits with the Bitsa Pro Plan

A prepaid card without a bank account, like Bitsa Card, is synonymous with freedom. In turn, freedom implies having no ties, no limits. Within Bitsa plans, freedom is synonymous with Pro. So, don’t limit yourself with the Pro Plan of Bitsa Card prepaid card and enjoy your money without complications.

Among the several Bitsa Plans, the Pro Plan is the most superior plan. It is a plan designed for the most demanding users who make great use of their funds on a daily basis and, therefore, who require more personalized and exclusive conditions.

For business people, insatiable buyers, recurring payments, etc. No matter how you use your Bitsa card, whatever the reason, what really matters is having the best features if your use exceeds the most basic needs .

There are many advantages of the Bitsa Pro Plan, starting with the four withdrawals at ATMs availables every day. Withdrawals of up to 1.500€ per day!

For those users who regularly transfer money between different accounts, the Pro Plan allows you to make free and unlimited transfers within the SEPA zone . There is no limit when it comes to transferring and managing your money.

Also, with this superior plan, there are no balance limits either of the Bitsa Card. You can reload the prepaid card unlimitedly, with the exception of credit card top-ups.

The Pro Plan of Bitsa prepaid card

Pro Plan Bitsa Card prepaid

If you are looking for a VIP conditions to control your money freely and without limits, then the Pro Plan of Bitsa is what you need. All the freedom of a prepaid card without a bank account, crypto-friendly and without limits in your transactions. What are you waiting for?

The monthly fee for the Pro plan is 9.99€, although opting for the annual fee will cost you more profitable. It’s your choice!

And remember! If you don’t want to continue with your plan and prefer to go to come back to Free Plan  or getting the Move Plan, you can do it directly from the app.

We offer solutions for everyone.

Bitsa Move Plan tarjeta prepago Bitsa Card

Move freely with Bitsa Move Plan

The universe of prepaid cards is very wide and it can be difficult to find a product or service that fits in what we need. Bitsa Card continues to bet on being the financial freedom for users who don’t want ties, or banks in between. So if this is what you are looking for, gain freedom with the Move plan of Bitsa prepaid Card. How? Keep reading!

Among the available different Bitsa plans, the Move Plan was born for users who are somewhat more active in financial terms. In other words, if compared to Bitsa Free Plan, the Move Plan would fit those who seek greater benefits in their day-to-day activities but who also do not make an excessive use of their funds: neither in terms of number of transactions, nor in terms of amounts transfered.

The Bitsa Move users, seek greater mobility in their economies. For this reason, it’s a halfway plan between the two other plans because allows you to move beyond the advantages that the Free plan offers, without reaching the exclusivity that Pro users enjoy.

Following this line, the user who suscribes to the Bitsa Move Plan has up to two daily withdrawals of cash at ATMs, maximum 500€.

When reloading the Bitsa prepaid card, the limit per month will be 5,000€ . This amount is the same allowed for purchases.

The Bitsa Card with the Move plan can have a maximum balance of 15,000€. And also it allows sending transfers up to 1,200€ per day.

The Move Plan of Bitsa prepaid Card

Move Plan Bitsa prepaid card details

Daily withdrawals, transfers, higher balances … This is a really convenient plan for users who make a constant use of their prepaid card on a day-to-day basis and, therefore, require broader benefits than the basic plan. In addition, this users don’t make as many operations with their money as Pro plan users

The Move plan has a monthly fee of 0.99€. However, if you pay the annual fee subscription you will save a few euros.

And yes! You are 100% free to cancel your subscription or even to go up one level more: The Pro plan.

Start to move freely with the Move plan and enjoy with the most personalized financial alternative.

Plan Free Bitsa Card

Bitsa Free Plan for the most basic needs

Different types of users require different and personalized services. And when it comes to controlling our money and making all kinds of transactions, customization needs are on the rise. That is why we recently launched Bitsa plans . If you have chosen to stay on the Free plan of Bitsa prepaid card, read on to discover all the details.

As its name suggests, the Free plan means not having to pay a monthly or annual fee for being part of the Bitsa family.

Students, freelancers, users who use the Bitsa card to make exclusively online purchases, gamers … Among the unexpected uses of prepaid cards, highlights the use of those users who use the card for basic day-to-day operations like to pay in physical stores, buying online and even transfer money between friends.

For these types of users, this plan perfectly suits their needs. Even if they need cash, Bitsa Free plan includes 1 daily withdrawal at ATMs of maximum 350€.

As for reloads, the Free plan user can top-up the Bitsa prepaid card with up to  500.00€ in the same day, maximum.

To meet the most basic day-to-day needs, this Bitsa plan perfectly fulfills its mission. Even allows purchases up to 1,500€.

The Free Plan of Bitsa prepaid card

Prepaid Card Free Plan

This is a Free account, where the only extra cost is in the sending transfer service. These types of transactions contain a small fee of 1%. However, there are more options for transferring money.

How to transfer money to another user in Bitsa?

Transferencias gratuitas entre usuarios Bitsa

You have to click on the card in the main screen and then on the sending button.

  1. Send to a Bitsa contact: if you have the number of the other user saved in your phone book you can send it directly and he will receive it on his main card.

  2. Send to another Bitsa: if you have the identifier of the card of the user you want to send the money you must choose this option.

As you can see, the Free plan continues with the Bitsa essence: the freedom you are looking for, without the need of banks, with just one click. Simply that now, the financial alternative is better suited to each Bitzer.

Discover Bitsa Move Plan and the Pro Plan to take your prepaid card to another level. You never know when you will need better conditions.

You won’t be afraid of unforeseen events if you get access to the maximum benefits of a prepaid card like Bitsa.

Discover the other Bitsa Plans!

Bitsa cryptocurrency prepaid card Criptomonedas mejor tarjeta prepago Bitsa

Bitsa Card, the best cryptocurrency card

In less than a year, the Bitsa prepaid card has managed to position itself in the top of the best cryptocurrency cards, exceeding the ten crypts admitted for reloading.

In its first year of life, the Bitsa project has evolved significantly by introducing improvements and always trying to solve the needs of its users. Facilitating greater usability for cryptocurrencies is one of the most demanded needs and, in this sense, Bitsa Card can be reloaded with up to 15 different cryptocurrencies!

Best cryptocurrency card? Find out why!

Nowadays, there are different options for those looking to buy prepaid cards. However, although many options are presented with cool names – such as “neobank” – the vast majority offer services linked to bank accounts. And what happens to users who don’t want or can’t use bank accounts? What happens to users who have cryptocurrencies and want to use them day-to-day? And with the youngest?

For all these cases, among many others, Bitsa has found solutions. For this reason, at present, there is no card in Europe as complete as Bitsa Card. Find out some of the reasons:

1. Cryptocurrency card: 15 crypts accepted!

Instantly convert your cryptocurrencies to euros to buy in physical and online stores, make transfers, etc. Bitsa users can reload their card directly with funds stored in the wallet installed on their mobile device, manually with the QR code and/or typing the wallet address.

At the moment, Bitsa accepts the following cryptocurrencies as a top-up method: BTC, BAT, BCH, LTC, DASH, ETH, XMR, DAI, TRX, USDT, XLM, XRP, ZEC, ONT, ONG.

From the most famous cryptos (like BTC or ETH) or tokens for content creators (like BAT), to stablecoins (like DAI or USDT) and even privacy-focused cryptocurrencies (like XRM), among several others. What will be the next to join the list?

In the European continent you will find very few companies with such variety. That’s why this, the Bitsa Card prepaid card, is the best card for your cryptocurrencies. Learn how to reload Bitsa with cryptocurrencies in a fast, secure and very simple way.

Bitsa cryptocurrency prepaid card

2. Prepaid card without bank account

Spend only the amount you top up without having an account in a bank. Thus you avoid paperwork, long registration processes and unnecessary risks.

The Bitsa card is a great option for those who want to keep their money safe. In addition, it belongs to one of the 5 Electronic Money Entities recognized by the Bank of Spain.


3. The most personalized financial alternative

With a prepaid card you won’t need to know the most common hidden bank commissions

Bitsa doesn’t require you to request a physical card. This is, once again, a thing of the old financial banking institutions.

Moreover, due to users have different needs, we offer Bitsa plans: 3 options, 3 possibilities to control your money!

Prepaid Card without bank account Bitsa plans

4. Instant transfers

Bitsa is a cryptocurrency card that allows you, once converted into euros, to make bank transfers in the SEPA zone (48-72 hours), transfer to other cards and even instant transfers with other Bitsa users.


5. Bitsa Young: because young people also count

Bitsa services are also offered to young people under 18, always with the prior authorization of parents or legal guardians. In this way, young people between 14 and 17 years old can enjoy the same advantages as other Bitsa users.

With the Bitsa Young prepaid card for young people, the digital needs of the youngest are solved and they are granted the freedom to control their own money. It is time to familiarize with the world of finance!

6. Specialized customer service 365 days a year: because we like to take care of you

As if all this were not enough, Bitsa offers personalized attention thanks to the customer service center through multiple channels. The Bitsa support team is available in multiple languages, from Monday to Sunday!, 365 days a year.

Mejor tarjeta prepago

What is to come!

The above are just some of the elements that make Bitsa take position in the European ranking of the best cryptocurrency cards. However, it is only the starting point.

Soon, Bitsa will integrate new cryptocurrencies and even offer another feature that will allow the user to save money without risks, or investments, thanks to a saving account. In it, using DeFi technology and thanks to the advances of blockchain technology, the user will obtain yields of between 5% and 11% annual interest.

Therefore, both the Bitsa free virtual card and the physical card end up acting as a bridge between the digital world and the material, allowing payments, purchases and transfers made with funds from cryptocurrencies.

Recargar tarjeta Bitsa con Monero XMR

Top-up Bitsa card with Monero (XMR)

  • The XMR cryptocurrency is added to the list of cryptocurrencies supported in Bitsa
  • Bitsa prepaid card allows Monero users to make payments and transfers

It is described as a very secure, anonymous and untraceable cryptocurrency, but when operating… how to buy with Monero (XMR)?

Bitsa Card, continues focussing on providing usability to digital currencies and, for that reason, incorporates Monero as a top-up method.

From now on, Monero (XMR) will be admitted to be used as a top-up currency for the Bitsa Card prepaid card, thus allowing all types of transactions in physical stores and online.

Buy in physical stores and ecommerces, make SEPA transfers, transfer money between cards, etc. With Bitsa Card converting Monero (XMR) to euros to make purchases and transfers is a fast, simple and safe process. And all from the app!

A brief approach to Monero (XMR)

Monero is a word that comes from the Esperanto (language conceived to be universal) and the meaning is “currency.” This cryptocurrency born in 2014 and has high levels of security, privacy and decentralization.

While the vast majority of cryptocurrency transactions are verifiable and traceable by anyone, the addresses (sender and receiver) and the amounts sent are hidden in Monero. Therefore, since there is no trace due to its high privacy is impossible to distinguish these tokens, so Monero (XMR) is considered as a fungible. In addition, all this encryption makes transactions much more secure.

This altcoin (acronym used to refer to alternative digital currencies to traditional ones like Bitcoin) can now be used to make purchases in day to day stuffs thanks to Bitsa Card.

Monero y Bitsa Card

How to reload Bitsa Card with cryptocurrencies

Reloading your Bitsa prepaid card with XMR is really easy!

👉 Within your Bitsa account, select the “Top-up” option.

👉 Select the top-up method: “cryptocurrencies” and choose between the list of cryptos available in Bitsa.

👉 Enter the desired amount and, once the reload is confirmed, you will have your money in your Bitsa account.

All without the need of bank accounts, protecting your privacy and 100% securely.

Undoubtedly, Bitsa’s free virtual card and physical card have become the great allies for crypto-lover users.

prepaid card tron dai eth

Ethereum, Dai & Tron arrive to Bitsa

Bitsa Card adds three cryptocurrencies to its list as a top-up method. And there are already 10!

Users who have Ethereum (ETH), Dai (DAI) and Tron (TRX) can now use them to recharge the Bitsa Card and have fiat money to make any type of payment.

The Bitsa Card prepaid card is characterized by not being linked to bank accounts and by admitting blockchain tokens. Two characteristic features that make this FinTech, based in Monaco, an indisputable alternative to traditional banking entities.

Bitsa allows its users to change their own cryptocurrencies for fiat money, thus being able to pay with legal tender money in any type of stores that accepts Visa, transfer money to other accounts and even to send money to other Bitsa users instantly.

Bitsa Card: Rechargeable prepaid card with blockchain tokens

✅ Bitcoin Cash (#BCH)

✅ Bitcoin (#BTC)

✅ Dash (#DASH)

✅ Litecoin (#LTC)

✅ Stellar Lumens (#XLM)

✅ Ripple (#XRP)

✅ ZCash (#ZEC)

To date, these were 7 cryptocurrencies with which the Bitsa card could be recharged and converted to euros. From now on, to this list of cryptocurrencies supported by Bitsa Card is added Tronix (TRX), Ethereum (ETH) and Dai (DAI).

✅ Ethereum (#ETH)

✅ Dai (#DAI)

✅ Tron (#TRX)

Bitsa users can top-up their card directly with the funds stored in the wallet installed on their device, or manually with the QR code and / or wallet address. This directly converts cryptocurrency funds automatically into euros.

These supported cryptocurrencies can be used to make purchases, instant transfers from Bitsa to Bitsa, transfers to other accounts and can even be used by users under 18. Young people between 14 and 17 have Bitsa Young, a card to control their money and convert their blockchain tokens.

How to reload Bitsa Card with cryptocurrencies

top up prepaid card cryptocurrencies

Top-up your Bitsa card instantly with TRX, DAI, ETH… it’s very simple!




Within your Bitsa account you select the top-up option, then select the “cryptocurrency” top-up method and choose from the list of cryptos available in Bitsa 




Finally, you enter the desired amount and, once the recharge is confirmed, you have your money in your Bitsa account.

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of usability of your crypts with Bitsa Card. A convenient, fast and secure solution that does not require bank accounts: the financial alternative.

Las mejores apps para tus viajes

The best travel apps: 7 essentials

Are you one of those who plans to the last detail of your holidays? Or, on the contrary, are you one of those who leave everything to improvisation? Regardless of which group you belong to, you are interested in taking note of the best travel apps.

If you are one of the forecasters, these travel applications will make your life easier. If you are one of those who improvise, then they will save your life directly to each unexpected event. Check out!

7 essential travel apps

1.- PackPoint

You spend time thinking about the long-awaited holidays and it’s time to leave. But first… Will it be cold or hot? What clothes will I need? Packing is one of the most lazy things when you go on holidays.

For those who don’t want to get complicated when packing, PackPoint is the perfect solution because this app makes a packing list for you!

Enter the date, destination, length of stay, select the activities you will do on your trip and that’s all.  Open your suitcase and follow carefully the list of things that the application orders you: a sure hit!

App viajar PackPoint, Aplicación para viajar Maleta PackPoint

2.- Google Translator

The classic. Google Translator couldn’t be missing in this list because it has some very useful functions for travelling that many people still don’t know.

What to do if you travel to a country with a totally different language from yours? Normally, English tends to be used, but what if you can’t make yourself understood? For example, in China few people speak English, so these types of applications will be very helpful.

Google Translator allows you to translate posters and signs thanks to the image translation tool, it also allows you to translate an entire document, translate using audio and even translate without an Internet connection. Very useful, right?

Todo un clásico. Google Translator no podía faltar en este listado porque cuenta con unas funciones muy útiles para viajar que mucha gente desconoce.

app viajar translate

3.- CityMapper

If you don’t want to get lost on your holidays, this must be one of the essential apps on your mobile.

This free application shows the best combinations to move around the city you are visiting. Not only take into account the metro or bus itineraries, but also this transport application combines data of trains, ferries, bicycles and other special services like Uber. In addition, CityMapper has a smart watch version.

A very complete application!

4.- Splitwise

If you travel accompanied, with friends or family, this is one of the best apps to travel easily because it allows you to control your group expenses.

Splitwise is the typical application that you download for when traveling in group and ends up staying on your mobile for any situation that involves group tracking expenses (a birthday dinner, a rural getaway, etc).

In group trips, many people choose to make a common pot for expenses. However, this always ends up complicated.

With Splitwise sums will be done alone! You can quickly check how much you owe to each person, as well as those who owe you money.

When you are in a group, and especially when traveling, the last thing you want is headaches. So this app gives you the peace of mind you need.

Aplicación para dividir gastos finanzas entre contactos amigos Viajes

5.- Flush

Nature can knock  on your door at any time, so it always interesting to know where the nearest bathroom are. Calm, because Flush saves you from this tight spot. Now you don’t have to wait, nor be in tension while you go sightseeing.

Flush – Toilet Finder & Map is one of the best travel apps because it easily locates the toilets closest to your location, wherever you are.

The application lets you know if the toilet is free or not, if it requires a key or password, if it has access for people with reduced mobility and even other user opinions

App para buscar baños WC cuando viajas

6.- Bitsa Card

It is an app to control every single payment you make with the Bitsa Card. This prepaid card without a bank account offers several advantages when traveling.

First of all, not being linked to a bank account gives you maximum security when paying abroad (in cases of loss, identity theft, duplicates, etc.). In addition, with a prepaid card, you can top-up only the money you want to spend. All controlled from the app.

And if this were not enough, Bitsa’s prepaid card has much lower commissions than banks, allows high cash withdrawals at ATMs and instant transfers between other Bitsa users.

Discover also other unexpected ways to use of prepaid cards.

Bitsa Card tarjeta prepago viajar

7.- Safe365

Safe365 defines itself as “the application that can save your life.” It’s a very useful free telecare app, specially for children and adults.

If you are travelling and lose sight of one familiar among a crowd of people, this mobile app allows you to know the exact location by GPS in real time.

It is also useful for people who practice sports, because in a situation of vulnerability (disorientation, injury, etc.) the person has a “panic button” that directly contacts emergency services, sharing the exact location and data of contact in case you cannot communicate.

Hopefully you never see the need to use it, but as you never know what can happen this tool is positioned as essential in this list of best applications for travelling. It is a great help app in the worst moments.

Mejor app para viajar emergencias

So you know, if you are thinking about your next holidays, all you need is: have your money controlled with a prepaid card like Bitsa Card and have your mobile equipped with the best travel apps.

And to enjoy!

Bon voyage !!