Multi prepaid cards Bitsa

Bitsa prepaid multi-cards

Have you ever wished you could separate your expenses and transactions and thus avoid having everything mixed in the same account? Now you can do it without wasting time because the Bitsa prepaid multi-cards arrive.

Bitsa’s multi-card feature is the fastest, easiest, and flexible way to control your expenses.

Bitsa prepaid multi-cards with independent balances

Just open the Bitsa app and request your new cards. The price of each card will depend on your Bitsa plan.

Now you can have up to 4 physical cards and 4 virtual cards!

Each of them with an independent balance to the others, so you can assign a specific use to better control your money.

Multi tarjeta prepago saldos independientes Bitsa

There are many unexpected ways to use prepaid cards, but now you can use your Bitsa cards for many different things.

A card for your children, to share expenses with your partner, another card for online purchases, one exclusively for the funds obtained from the cryptocurrency exchange to euros, a card to put money aside, another to travel, etc.

Several cards = endless possibilities!

multi prepaid cards bitsa virtual card cryptocurrencies euros
Prepaid card plans

The most personalized financial alternative


After listening your proposals we bring solutions. 3 solutions! Bitsa expands its offer with the new Bitsa plans!

In this year, Bitsa Card has positioned itself as one of the best alternatives for those users who are looking for a new way to manage their finances.

Today we go one step further to become the financial alternative that best suits your needs.

Through Telegram groups, reviews on the stores, on social networks …

We are always open to your suggestions.  We love to see the Bitsa family so involved!!

And like in every family, although we are all equal, we have different needs.

That is why today we launch the new… BITSA PLANS!!

Bitsa plans Prepaid card advantages

Free Plan 

⭐⭐ Move Plan 

⭐⭐⭐ Pro Plan

Choose the plan that best adapts to you! 


3 options, 3 possibilities to control your money!

And dont’ forget that Bitsa is one of the best cryptocurrency cards,  with 15 different cryptocurrencies admitted!

Ontology tokens available Bitsa

Ontology tokens available on Bitsa

A great leap forward! An important newness. Ontology tokens available on Bitsa! And what does it implies? That from now, we offer 15 different blockchain tokens admitted as top-up method for the Bitsa prepaid card.

That’s it! 15 blockchain tokens! The last ones in landing at Bitsa community are the Ontology tokens. ONT and ONG (Ontology Gas) are now eligible for users to top-up their Bitsa Cards.

Ontology is a high-tech company recognized for its efforts in business innovation using blockchain technology.

People with this blockchain tokens can make safe and seamless payments with Bitsa, transfers, cash withdrawals and so on. This entails that ONT and ONG tokens can be used day-to-day for any need (digital or in-store) because Bitsa card is accepted everywhere Visa is.

Top-up Bitsa Card with blockchain tokens

“We share wirh Bitsa the ambition to pursue innovation in the digital assets space. Finding a common ground.”

Andy Ji, Ontology Co-founder

“We are delighted to onboard Ontology and their blockchain solutions and are already exploring new opportunities.”

Luis Vaello, Bitsa COO

How to top-up Bitsa with ONT and ONG

Bitsa adds Ontology tokens

Step 1: Once you have Bitsa app, select the top-up option.

Step 2: Choose “cryptocurrency” among the several top-up methods available.

Step 3: Choose ONT or ONG from the list of cryptos that Bitsa admits.

Step 4: Enter the amount you want to convert from your Ontology funds to euros. Once the reload is confirmed, you will have your money in your Bitsa account.

Safe, easy and really fast! What are you waiting for??

Recargar tarjeta Bitsa con Monero XMR

Top-up Bitsa card with Monero (XMR)

  • The XMR cryptocurrency is added to the list of cryptocurrencies supported in Bitsa
  • Bitsa prepaid card allows Monero users to make payments and transfers

It is described as a very secure, anonymous and untraceable cryptocurrency, but when operating… how to buy with Monero (XMR)?

Bitsa Card, continues focussing on providing usability to digital currencies and, for that reason, incorporates Monero as a top-up method.

From now on, Monero (XMR) will be admitted to be used as a top-up currency for the Bitsa Card prepaid card, thus allowing all types of transactions in physical stores and online.

Buy in physical stores and ecommerces, make SEPA transfers, transfer money between cards, etc. With Bitsa Card converting Monero (XMR) to euros to make purchases and transfers is a fast, simple and safe process. And all from the app!

A brief approach to Monero (XMR)

Monero is a word that comes from the Esperanto (language conceived to be universal) and the meaning is “currency.” This cryptocurrency born in 2014 and has high levels of security, privacy and decentralization.

While the vast majority of cryptocurrency transactions are verifiable and traceable by anyone, the addresses (sender and receiver) and the amounts sent are hidden in Monero. Therefore, since there is no trace due to its high privacy is impossible to distinguish these tokens, so Monero (XMR) is considered as a fungible. In addition, all this encryption makes transactions much more secure.

This altcoin (acronym used to refer to alternative digital currencies to traditional ones like Bitcoin) can now be used to make purchases in day to day stuffs thanks to Bitsa Card.

Monero y Bitsa Card

How to reload Bitsa Card with cryptocurrencies

Reloading your Bitsa prepaid card with XMR is really easy!

👉 Within your Bitsa account, select the “Top-up” option.

👉 Select the top-up method: “cryptocurrencies” and choose between the list of cryptos available in Bitsa.

👉 Enter the desired amount and, once the reload is confirmed, you will have your money in your Bitsa account.

All without the need of bank accounts, protecting your privacy and 100% securely.

Undoubtedly, Bitsa’s free virtual card and physical card have become the great allies for crypto-lover users.


Bitsa adds BAT and USDT for reloads

Bitsa expands its offer, Bitsa adds BAT and USDT for reloads!!

If at the beginning of 2020 we announced that Ethereum, Dai and Tron have arrived to Bitsa, a month later we come back with more news. As of today, there are 12 cryptocurrencies accepted to top-up the Bitsa prepaid card.


Reloadable Bitsa card allows crypto-lovers to use blockchain tokens to make purchases, transfers and all kinds of transactions both in online stores and in physical stores.

Tether tokens, based on the Ethereum network (USDT ERC-20), and BAT tokens are already accepted to top up the Bitsa card and convert them to euros instantly. Bitsa Card works every day to contribute to give more usability to cryptocurrencies

All in B! Blockchain, Brave, BAT and now … Bitsa!

The Basic Attention Token is a revolution ​in the advertising and digital marketing  sector. From the users side, one of the three fundamental pieces in this network based in the Ethereum blockchain, they can monetize the use they make of the Internet thanks to the Brave browser. It is a browser that operates with BAT and offers more speed and privacy to the user, since it blocks both trackers, malwares and the default advertising. Thus, the user wins BAT as browses the Internet.

But that’s not all, the other actors in the network (Content Creators/Publishers and advertisers) are also rewarded in BAT.

USDT: A stablecoin that you can convert to euros

Launched in 2014, Tether offers a more modern approach to money​. Tether is positioned as the first blockchain-enabled platform to facilitate the digital use of traditional currencies. That is, it offers the ability to perform transactions with traditional currencies in the blockchain, without the volatility and complexity of cryptocurrencies.  

That is why many users have already trust on this platform that offers stability within the crypto world. ​Tether tokens hold their value at 1:1 link ​with the US dollar, escaping the volatility that most cryptocurrencies suffer. 

Tether, as an ERC20 token, will be supported in Bitsa in order to offer its users more advantages when making economic transactions.

Recargar tarjeta con criptomoneda BAT y USDT

How to reload Bitsa Card with cryptocurrencies

Reloading your Bitsa prepaid card with BAT or USDT is quick and easy.

👉 Within your Bitsa account, select the “Top-up” option.

👉 Select the top-up method: “cryptocurrencies” and choose between the list of cryptos available in Bitsa.

👉 Enter the desired amount and, once the reload is confirmed, you will have your money in your Bitsa account.

All without the need of bank accounts, protecting your privacy and 100% securely.

Do you have BAT or USDT and want to convert them to euros to make your purchases? From now on this is as simple as downloading the Bitsa App, requesting the prepaid card and directly reloading your Bitsa cards.

Bitsa’s free virtual card and / or physical card end up being a bridge between the digital and the tangible world, allowing payments, purchases and transfers to be made with funds from cryptocurrencies.

And there are already 12 cryptocurrencies accepted in Bitsa!

prepaid card tron dai eth

Ethereum, Dai & Tron arrive to Bitsa

Bitsa Card adds three cryptocurrencies to its list as a top-up method. And there are already 10!

Users who have Ethereum (ETH), Dai (DAI) and Tron (TRX) can now use them to recharge the Bitsa Card and have fiat money to make any type of payment.

The Bitsa Card prepaid card is characterized by not being linked to bank accounts and by admitting blockchain tokens. Two characteristic features that make this FinTech, based in Monaco, an indisputable alternative to traditional banking entities.

Bitsa allows its users to change their own cryptocurrencies for fiat money, thus being able to pay with legal tender money in any type of stores that accepts Visa, transfer money to other accounts and even to send money to other Bitsa users instantly.

Bitsa Card: Rechargeable prepaid card with blockchain tokens

✅ Bitcoin Cash (#BCH)

✅ Bitcoin (#BTC)

✅ Dash (#DASH)

✅ Litecoin (#LTC)

✅ Stellar Lumens (#XLM)

✅ Ripple (#XRP)

✅ ZCash (#ZEC)

To date, these were 7 cryptocurrencies with which the Bitsa card could be recharged and converted to euros. From now on, to this list of cryptocurrencies supported by Bitsa Card is added Tronix (TRX), Ethereum (ETH) and Dai (DAI).

✅ Ethereum (#ETH)

✅ Dai (#DAI)

✅ Tron (#TRX)

Bitsa users can top-up their card directly with the funds stored in the wallet installed on their device, or manually with the QR code and / or wallet address. This directly converts cryptocurrency funds automatically into euros.

These supported cryptocurrencies can be used to make purchases, instant transfers from Bitsa to Bitsa, transfers to other accounts and can even be used by users under 18. Young people between 14 and 17 have Bitsa Young, a card to control their money and convert their blockchain tokens.

How to reload Bitsa Card with cryptocurrencies

top up prepaid card cryptocurrencies

Top-up your Bitsa card instantly with TRX, DAI, ETH… it’s very simple!




Within your Bitsa account you select the top-up option, then select the “cryptocurrency” top-up method and choose from the list of cryptos available in Bitsa 




Finally, you enter the desired amount and, once the recharge is confirmed, you have your money in your Bitsa account.

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of usability of your crypts with Bitsa Card. A convenient, fast and secure solution that does not require bank accounts: the financial alternative.

Paris Fintech Forum

Bitsa will be present at the Paris Fintech Forum 2020, discover all the details

The Parisian capital hosts, for the fifth consecutive year, one of the most important Fintech events in Europe and the world. This is a very important date in the digital finance sector, which is why Bitsa will be present at the Paris Fintech Forum 2020.

Bitsa will attend to show the world its commitment to financial freedom and its purely digital DNA. Bitsa Card travels to Paris!

What is the Paris Fintech Forum? Discover all the details

The Paris Fintech Forum (PFF) is the great annual event held in Europe on digital finance & Fintech, organized by Altéir Event. The most exclusive European event that encompasses all actors in the financial industry.

Aware of the great importance of this event, Bitsa will attend the fifth edition of the PFF. An exceptional opportunity to strengthen the company’s commitment to digital finance and establish relationships with partners from all parts of the world.

Bitsa Card Prepaid card without bank accounts

Attendees at the PFF 2020 will be able to learn about the Bitsa Card project, the prepaid card without a bank account, as well as that of Bitsa Young, which offers financial freedom for young people under 18.

When is the Paris Fintech Forum?

In 2020, the 5th edition of the Paris Fintech Forum will be held in Paris on January 28th and 29th. Where it will be held?

The majestic Palais Brongniart, historical monument, will be the epicenter of this financial innovation event.

From 07:30 am to 07:00 pm, attendees will be able to enjoy interesting sessions with great speakers from various sectors, attend networking meetings and many other events scheduled within the 2020 PFF program.

Paris Fintech Forum: agenda 2020

What can be found in the 5th edition of the PFF? Presentations on alternative finance, cybersecurity, cooperation, big data, blockchain and digital assets, interviews, round tables, business and networking areas … And of course, there will also be time for relaxed moments like the Paris Fintech Night. 

Check out the Paris Fintech Forum agenda to discover all the events that Bitsa will attend as Fintech that offers financial services within the European Single Market (SEPA) area.

PFF Paris Fintech Forum
Paris Fintech Forum 2019 Speaking Lounge

PFF 2019 in numbers

The last edition of the Paris Finance Forum 2019 welcomed more than 2,700 attendees from 75 countries around the world.

Assistants could attended the different presentations by more than 280 CEOs and authorities who went as guests. The ECB president, Christine Lagarde; Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse; Visa’s CEO in Europe, Charlotte Hogg, among others

Astonishing figures!

What is Paris Fintech Forum (PFF)?

What to do if you run out of tickets for Paris Fintech Forum 2020? The videos of the fifth edition of the PFF 2020 will be uploaded to the web in a gradual and free way, from the month of March to the month of September of this year. So not is all lost!

And of course, keep an eye on Bitsa posts so as not to miss anything that happens in this important Fintech meeting.

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Bitsa Young: The prepaid card for Teens

» Because cash is a bluff! Bitsa Young: The prepaid card for teens aged 14 to 17

8 November 2019

The Bitzer community welcomes young centennials since, as of today, the Z generation can now enjoy Bitsa, the reloadable VISA prepaid card.

Perhaps teens between 14 and 17 are still not clear about where they want to go, but they do know what they do not want. They ignore bonds, prejudices and being treated like children. It is a 100% technological generation that lives in a world that is moving towards digitalization in all aspects, starting with money. 

It is a generation that embraces the future and still has many needs to cover.

So, Young people also have an interest in blockchain tokens. From those who are curious to know the exciting universe of cryptography, to the more gamers who acquire tokens for their favourite video games. So, why not offer them a crypto-friendly account?

Jóvenes tarjeta prepago

Bitsa Young: Free, Digital and Crypto-lovers

In order to help them claim their place as digital, free, responsible and crypto-lovers, Bitsa opens the doors with this new product: Bitsa Young.

From today, young people aged 14 to 17 are much freer when managing their money.

With Bitsa Young, they will learn to manage their money through a reloadable prepaid card, not associated with any bank account, without paperwork, or maintenance costs.

They can even top it up by converting blockchain tokens into euros: BTC, BCH, DASH, LTC, XLM, XRP or ZEC.

> They will only have to: download the App (for iOS or Android), invite parents for authorization, request the virtual and/or physical card and top it up instantly.

What to do with the allowance or Christmas bonus? Redeem them for Bitsa top-up vouchers, available in hundreds of physical and online stores, associated with the Bitsa network – such as Carrefour, Fnac, tobacconists – and manage all movements comfortably from the App. Very useful and secure for digital content! Cash is not even cool!

When travelling or having a snack with friends, when buying video games or other digital content, or for possible unexpected events, a rechargeable card is the best solution.

Why Bitsa? Because the Z generation already has the freedom to be Bitzer

Young, digital and crypto lovers.

Tarjeta VISA prepago
Sexta edición South Summit Madrid

Bitsa heading to the South Summit Madrid 2019

The most disruptive startups will meet from October 2 to 4, 2019 in Madrid. The event of the world’s leading innovation platform focused on business opportunities, South Summit, celebrates its sixth edition, positioning itself as a bridge to connect the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

La Nave de Madrid will host this massive event whose last edition in 2018 hosted 3,200 entrepreneurs and more than 175 investment funds.

Under the slogan “Where innovation meets business”, South Summit connects the newest leading companies with international investors, from the most outstanding venture capital funds in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The available investment portfolio of these funds for the sixth edition amounts to more than 120,000 million dollars.

Co-organized by Madrid City Council in collaboration with BBVA, Endesa, Wayra, Sabadell and Google, this meeting can boast the renowned startups of previous editions have raised +2.8 billion dollars; Cabify, Glovo, or Spotahome are just some of them.

As if this were not enough, the next South Summit Madrid 2019 will have the presence of internationally famous leaders such as Paul Misener of Amazon, Jennifer Kanyamibwa of Twitter, or Ciaran Quilty of Facebook, and an extensive program of speakers.

Bitsa ubicación

As startup and fintech, Bitsa, convinced of the importance of innovation and new technologies as cornerstones of any business that is undertaken in the current digital era, will attend the South Summit Madrid 2019.

In stand nº105 you can find us and ask for information about the wide universe of possibilities that a prepaid card without a bank account can offer you.

South Summit edición 2018 Video

tarjetas de regalo Bitsa en Sixthcontinent

SixthContinent launches the Bitsa gift card in Europe

A month ago we launched Bitsa in the Italian market, thanks to the release of the product on the famous Sixthcontinent platform.

The initiative was received in a positive way by the Italian public, and we had to satisfy the requests of thousands of new users, interested in buying the prepaid Bitsa card and the voucher to top it up, promoted on Sixthcontinent, the Profit Sharing platform made in Italy, leader in the commercialization of gift cards.

After this month of test run and excellent results, thanks to the precious collaboration of Sixthcontinent, we have been able to go a step further and finally we can announce that, from today, Bitsa will be present in this famous platform also in Spain and Portugal.

It is a very important result, since Bitsa is only a few months old, but also expected, thanks to the high differential value that distinguishes Bitsa from other products in the market.

Bitsa, the new way to buy online 

Bitsa is characterized by being a prepaid card that can be requested by anyone, without the need to have a bank account.

But, above all, Bitsa is the new way to buy online and make payments in any electronic and physical commerce since, in addition to the normal operations of a Visa card, it allows to:

  • Make SEPA transfers and transfers between cards;
  • Withdraw cash from any ATM and through a PINCASH in thousands of associated stores;
  • It is also possible to top it up with a multitude of option: with vouchers, cryptocurrencies and from other cards;

Another great advantage of Bitsa is the possibility of checking and managing all movements from the Bitsa App, available for free on Google Play and App Store.

How to buy Bitsa gift card at SixthContinent 

Cómo recargar con tarjetas de regalo Bitsa de Sixthcontinent

Buying a Bitsa top up on Sixthcontinent is very easy and profitable, since every user who registers on the platform will receive daily credits as a reward to use them in the purchase of any gift card, receiving a considerable discount.

The idea behind SIXTHCONTINENT is to take advantage of the investments made by companies in advertising and discounts, in order to save money to their customers and redistribute profits among all users in the world.

Well, once the user has created an account on this platform, he can get his Bitsa top up by following these simple steps:

  • Click on the ‘SHOP’ icon in the upper right corner;
Cómo comprar tarjetas de regalo Bitsa en SixthContinent
  • Select in the menu the ‘Country’ of purchase;
Buscar tarjetas de regalo Bitsa en Sixthcontinent
  • Insert in the search box the ‘BITSA’ name
Buscar y comprar tarjetas de regalo Bitsa
  • By clicking on the Bitsa gift card a new window will be opened with information about the card.

The user will have to choose the desired top up amount, the activation mode and indicate if he wants to use in the purchase process his credits and/or points that have already collected in his account.

Cómo comprar las tarjetas de regalo Bitsa en la web de Sixthcontinent

Finally you can buy your gift card by choosing one of the payment methods available on the platform.

Once the payment process is finished, the user will have to redeem the voucher pin in the Bitsa App, to be able to see the amount reflected on his card … Easy and fast!

With the launch of Bitsa’s Gift Card on the virtuous economy Sixthcontinent platform, it will now be possible to instantly top up the prepaid card, thus guaranteeing quick and easy access to financial services, also to the unbanked public in Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Stay tuned on our blog … soon Bitsa will be available in other European countries 😉