Bancos cuentas bancarias

When the banks turn their back on you

Have you ever contemplated being excluded from the system? Well, we are sorry to tell you that this isolation is suffered by many people on a daily basis.

Recently we read an article from CanariasAhora and about the obstacles of banks when opening a bank account. In this news, the testimony of citizens who request the Minimum Vital Income (an aid aimed at preventing the risk of poverty and social exclusion) and who cannot receive this aid due to the obstacles found in banking institutions.

These situations are real. In fact, the unavailability of a bank account is a more common situation than it seems, both in homeless people and in others who have not been able to cope with the payment of commissions and this has caused the closure of it. This is also the case for migrants.

Fortunately, today projects like ours welcome all those people excluded from the system. Bitsa Card is a project that admits all kinds of people and their circumstances, that does not segregate and that flees from bureaucratic obstacles.

We are the financial alternative to the current and obsolete traditional banking system. An alternative in the form of a prepaid card without a bank account.

Why give control of your money to the banks? The Bitsa card allows you to be reloadable in several ways, and you will always be the owner of your money; comfortably controlling it through the App.

Now you know … When the banks turn their backs on you, we open our arms. Join the Bitzer family! Without obligations!

Tarjetas prepago Bitsa Card sin cuentas bancarias
Plan Pro Bitsa Card Exclusivo

Forget the limits with the Bitsa Pro Plan

A prepaid card without a bank account, like Bitsa Card, is synonymous with freedom. In turn, freedom implies having no ties, no limits. Within Bitsa plans, freedom is synonymous with Pro. So, don’t limit yourself with the Pro Plan of Bitsa Card prepaid card and enjoy your money without complications.

Among the several Bitsa Plans, the Pro Plan is the most superior plan. It is a plan designed for the most demanding users who make great use of their funds on a daily basis and, therefore, who require more personalized and exclusive conditions.

For business people, insatiable buyers, recurring payments, etc. No matter how you use your Bitsa card, whatever the reason, what really matters is having the best features if your use exceeds the most basic needs .

There are many advantages of the Bitsa Pro Plan, starting with the four withdrawals at ATMs availables every day. Withdrawals of up to 1.500€ per day!

For those users who regularly transfer money between different accounts, the Pro Plan allows you to make free and unlimited transfers within the SEPA zone . There is no limit when it comes to transferring and managing your money.

Also, with this superior plan, there are no balance limits either of the Bitsa Card. You can reload the prepaid card unlimitedly, with the exception of credit card top-ups.

The Pro Plan of Bitsa prepaid card

Pro Plan Bitsa Card prepaid

If you are looking for a VIP conditions to control your money freely and without limits, then the Pro Plan of Bitsa is what you need. All the freedom of a prepaid card without a bank account, crypto-friendly and without limits in your transactions. What are you waiting for?

The monthly fee for the Pro plan is 9.99€, although opting for the annual fee will cost you more profitable. It’s your choice!

And remember! If you don’t want to continue with your plan and prefer to go to come back to Free Plan  or getting the Move Plan, you can do it directly from the app.

We offer solutions for everyone.

Bitsa Move Plan tarjeta prepago Bitsa Card

Move freely with Bitsa Move Plan

The universe of prepaid cards is very wide and it can be difficult to find a product or service that fits in what we need. Bitsa Card continues to bet on being the financial freedom for users who don’t want ties, or banks in between. So if this is what you are looking for, gain freedom with the Move plan of Bitsa prepaid Card. How? Keep reading!

Among the available different Bitsa plans, the Move Plan was born for users who are somewhat more active in financial terms. In other words, if compared to Bitsa Free Plan, the Move Plan would fit those who seek greater benefits in their day-to-day activities but who also do not make an excessive use of their funds: neither in terms of number of transactions, nor in terms of amounts transfered.

The Bitsa Move users, seek greater mobility in their economies. For this reason, it’s a halfway plan between the two other plans because allows you to move beyond the advantages that the Free plan offers, without reaching the exclusivity that Pro users enjoy.

Following this line, the user who suscribes to the Bitsa Move Plan has up to two daily withdrawals of cash at ATMs, maximum 500€.

When reloading the Bitsa prepaid card, the limit per month will be 5,000€ . This amount is the same allowed for purchases.

The Bitsa Card with the Move plan can have a maximum balance of 15,000€. And also it allows sending transfers up to 1,200€ per day.

The Move Plan of Bitsa prepaid Card

Move Plan Bitsa prepaid card details

Daily withdrawals, transfers, higher balances … This is a really convenient plan for users who make a constant use of their prepaid card on a day-to-day basis and, therefore, require broader benefits than the basic plan. In addition, this users don’t make as many operations with their money as Pro plan users

The Move plan has a monthly fee of 0.99€. However, if you pay the annual fee subscription you will save a few euros.

And yes! You are 100% free to cancel your subscription or even to go up one level more: The Pro plan.

Start to move freely with the Move plan and enjoy with the most personalized financial alternative.

Plan Free Bitsa Card

Bitsa Free Plan for the most basic needs

Different types of users require different and personalized services. And when it comes to controlling our money and making all kinds of transactions, customization needs are on the rise. That is why we recently launched Bitsa plans . If you have chosen to stay on the Free plan of Bitsa prepaid card, read on to discover all the details.

As its name suggests, the Free plan means not having to pay a monthly or annual fee for being part of the Bitsa family.

Students, freelancers, users who use the Bitsa card to make exclusively online purchases, gamers … Among the unexpected uses of prepaid cards, highlights the use of those users who use the card for basic day-to-day operations like to pay in physical stores, buying online and even transfer money between friends.

For these types of users, this plan perfectly suits their needs. Even if they need cash, Bitsa Free plan includes 1 daily withdrawal at ATMs of maximum 350€.

As for reloads, the Free plan user can top-up the Bitsa prepaid card with up to  500.00€ in the same day, maximum.

To meet the most basic day-to-day needs, this Bitsa plan perfectly fulfills its mission. Even allows purchases up to 1,500€.

The Free Plan of Bitsa prepaid card

Prepaid Card Free Plan

This is a Free account, where the only extra cost is in the sending transfer service. These types of transactions contain a small fee of 1%. However, there are more options for transferring money.

How to transfer money to another user in Bitsa?

Transferencias gratuitas entre usuarios Bitsa

You have to click on the card in the main screen and then on the sending button.

  1. Send to a Bitsa contact: if you have the number of the other user saved in your phone book you can send it directly and he will receive it on his main card.

  2. Send to another Bitsa: if you have the identifier of the card of the user you want to send the money you must choose this option.

As you can see, the Free plan continues with the Bitsa essence: the freedom you are looking for, without the need of banks, with just one click. Simply that now, the financial alternative is better suited to each Bitzer.

Discover Bitsa Move Plan and the Pro Plan to take your prepaid card to another level. You never know when you will need better conditions.

You won’t be afraid of unforeseen events if you get access to the maximum benefits of a prepaid card like Bitsa.

Discover the other Bitsa Plans!

Prepaid card plans

The most personalized financial alternative


After listening your proposals we bring solutions. 3 solutions! Bitsa expands its offer with the new Bitsa plans!

In this year, Bitsa Card has positioned itself as one of the best alternatives for those users who are looking for a new way to manage their finances.

Today we go one step further to become the financial alternative that best suits your needs.

Through Telegram groups, reviews on the stores, on social networks …

We are always open to your suggestions.  We love to see the Bitsa family so involved!!

And like in every family, although we are all equal, we have different needs.

That is why today we launch the new… BITSA PLANS!!

Bitsa plans Prepaid card advantages

Free Plan 

⭐⭐ Move Plan 

⭐⭐⭐ Pro Plan

Choose the plan that best adapts to you! 


3 options, 3 possibilities to control your money!

And dont’ forget that Bitsa is one of the best cryptocurrency cards,  with 15 different cryptocurrencies admitted!

4 practical tips for freelancers

4 practical tips for freelancers

You have decided to become self-employed, work on what you like, how, when and where you want. However, there is something going wrong. Do you want your business to thrive? Then don’t neglect these 4 practical tips for freelancers.

If you work as a freelance and you are reading this, we won’t steal you barely time. We know your time = money, so we quickly present these tips for freelancers.

How to be a freelance and not die in the attempt

The secret is in these four points:

Freelance consejos

Specialize: What is your competitive advantage?

True experts don´t do 1,000 things, but a few things but 1,000 times. They offer less services, specializing, adding more value to their services and ending up earning more money.

If you have detected your strong point of difference, specialize and start getting higher returns to your work … What are you good at?

2. Value your work and learn to put a price on your work… and on your time!

Professionals must have a defined hourly rate from which to base their prices, regardless if they decide later to charge per project.

In this sense, one of the first tips for beginner freelancers is to know how to put a price on the work they do. An exercise in which different elements come into play: knowledge, time and self-esteem. You should never underestimate your work and effort, nor set exorbitant prices that do not fit with what you offer.

The formula for calculating the basic time of a freelance worker would be = (monthly salary + fixed expenses) / hours of work

And don’t forget to calculate holidays and unproductive hours!

If you want to save your calculations, you can always use the different tools you will find online to find out how much you should charge for your work. Do not be afraid when communicating your prices, the customer always has the option to accept them or not. Of course, it is always useful to investigate the prices that move in the market, “what is the price of my competition?”

4 prácticos consejos para todo freelance

3. Reduce your expenses

It’s a reality, as a freelance you have a lot of expenses. So start reducing them from the beginning, starting with the expenses that go unnoticed. Have you heard of hidden bank fees?

Many freelance workers decide to open a bank account to operate and end up getting more disadvantages than benefits. Commission for account maintenance, commission for insufficient balance, etc.

There are alternatives to skip these unnecessary commissions. For example, prepaid cards without a bank account. Your money safely and without paying extra charges.

4. Make it easy

Simplify to the maximum the time you dedicate to your administrative procedures. Don’t complicate yourself.

Start by separating personal expenses from business expenses. In this way, it will be easier for you to monitor all expenses and income, without wasting time.

Another option to make your job easier is not to mediate with banks. Get simple, intuitive and useful services for your work, such as a Bitsa Card prepaid card. Fast, convenient and simple: Download the App on your mobile and control all your money without the need for bank accounts, contracts with hundreds of clauses and no snoopers that look at what you do with your money. A free virtual card with which you can work comfortably.

You can also change your business model and offer prepaid services. Do you know any ecommerce that delivers its products before paying?

As you can red, these 4 practical tips for freelancers like you can help your business or at least help you to live and work with less worries.

Hidden bank fees commisions

The most common hidden bank fees

It has happened to all of us. After much thought, we decided to open an account at the bank, in which “we least dislike”. They allow us to open a free account, after signing a contract full of conditions, and they tell us about many advantages but they always forget to comment the other side of the coin: the most common hidden bank fees.

So one good day, you go to your bank and … surprise! You end up discovering that your bank charges you for its services of “saving” your money, for not having enough money or for another thousand different reasons.

Customer’s responsibility for not reading the entire contract or the bank responsibility for not bothering to explain everything carefully? Shared responsibility. At the end of this post we give you a solution for avoiding this happen again.

Hidden bank commissions… be aware!

Clients are witnessing how the conditions of access to bank accounts and other similar products without commissions are getting harder and harder. The commission business is profitable, if you are a bank.

Bank fees, why?

When signing the contract of any product, the conditions and requirements that both parties must comply with, bank and client are agreed.

And by depositing our money in the bank, we are making them earning money for every euro deposited because they use the money that people lend them.

That’s right, banks invest your money, earn a high return on it and also charge you for having it. Therefore, it is not surprising that they are interested in ensuring that they have money (your money) and don’t allow zero accounts, require payroll and guarantee minimum monthly income, among other conditions.

Bank Commissions bank fees

The most common hidden bank commissions

  1. Commission for card replacement

In case of loss, breakage or theft of your card, you must pay the corresponding amount to obtain a new card.

Do you know the advantages of a virtual card?

  1. Overdraft commission

If your account has a negative balance, it will fall even more with the overdraft commission that your bank will charge you. The amount depends on each bank.

  1. Commission for payment denied

This charge is usually applied when a payment is blocked for not having enough money in account. Then, the bank applies a small commission for refusal of payment.

  1. Commission for account closure

If you close your account shortly after opening it (usually within the first 90 to 180 days), the bank will charge you an account closing fee. Mainly, these types of charges are applied before closing savings accounts, and are calculated based on the balance and interest earned.

  1. Inactivity Fee

Charge for not using your account. If, for a period of time, your bank account shows no sign of life, the bank may charge you a monthly commission and even close your account. Not without having contacted you, or at least trying.


Avoiding hidden bank fees


  1. Commissions for international transactions

If you don’t have a prepaid card to travel abroad that gives you advantages, tranquility and comfort, then you will have to face the extra charges that banks apply.

International transaction fees are all those that apply when making cash withdrawals at ATMs and / or purchases at stores. When withdrawing money from an ATM abroad, the bank may require that you pay a fixed amount plus a variable percentage depending on the withdrawal.

  1. Commission by paper notifications

Traditional banking tries to catch up by betting on digital banking. So, there are entities that charge the customer for the correspondence and even requesting a paper copy of an extract may incur surcharges.

  1. Commission for insufficient minimum balance

Surely it is among the conditions you accepted when opening your account. The client agrees to maintain a minimum monthly balance or to enter a certain amount each month. If this is not fulfilled, the bank will charge a maintenance fee for having an amount lower than the threshold.

  1. Commission for stopping payments

When you send a check but then you need to cancel, the bank charges a fee for suspending the payment for the cancellation of the check.

  1. Card maintenance fee

Some banks charge an annual amount for the maintenance of the cards they offer for free to the customer. Other banks require a minimum of transactions with the card per year. As for the commission that is applied, it usually depends on the type of card: the higher the category of the card, the greater its annual commission.

Do you know the difference between credit, debit and prepaid card?

These are just some of the most common hidden bank commissions, and don’t end here. Have you thought about what to do about it?

In Bitsa we are not a bank, nor a neobank, we are a prepaid card with which you can manage all your money without worrying about maintenance fees, because there is none!

In addition, as your money is deposited in an Electronic Money Entity (recognized by the Bank of Spain) and not in a bank, we cannot do business with it, nor lend it to other clients, nor invest it, as we have tell you the banks do.

Paris Fintech Forum

Bitsa will be present at the Paris Fintech Forum 2020, discover all the details

The Parisian capital hosts, for the fifth consecutive year, one of the most important Fintech events in Europe and the world. This is a very important date in the digital finance sector, which is why Bitsa will be present at the Paris Fintech Forum 2020.

Bitsa will attend to show the world its commitment to financial freedom and its purely digital DNA. Bitsa Card travels to Paris!

What is the Paris Fintech Forum? Discover all the details

The Paris Fintech Forum (PFF) is the great annual event held in Europe on digital finance & Fintech, organized by Altéir Event. The most exclusive European event that encompasses all actors in the financial industry.

Aware of the great importance of this event, Bitsa will attend the fifth edition of the PFF. An exceptional opportunity to strengthen the company’s commitment to digital finance and establish relationships with partners from all parts of the world.

Bitsa Card Prepaid card without bank accounts

Attendees at the PFF 2020 will be able to learn about the Bitsa Card project, the prepaid card without a bank account, as well as that of Bitsa Young, which offers financial freedom for young people under 18.

When is the Paris Fintech Forum?

In 2020, the 5th edition of the Paris Fintech Forum will be held in Paris on January 28th and 29th. Where it will be held?

The majestic Palais Brongniart, historical monument, will be the epicenter of this financial innovation event.

From 07:30 am to 07:00 pm, attendees will be able to enjoy interesting sessions with great speakers from various sectors, attend networking meetings and many other events scheduled within the 2020 PFF program.

Paris Fintech Forum: agenda 2020

What can be found in the 5th edition of the PFF? Presentations on alternative finance, cybersecurity, cooperation, big data, blockchain and digital assets, interviews, round tables, business and networking areas … And of course, there will also be time for relaxed moments like the Paris Fintech Night. 

Check out the Paris Fintech Forum agenda to discover all the events that Bitsa will attend as Fintech that offers financial services within the European Single Market (SEPA) area.

PFF Paris Fintech Forum
Paris Fintech Forum 2019 Speaking Lounge

PFF 2019 in numbers

The last edition of the Paris Finance Forum 2019 welcomed more than 2,700 attendees from 75 countries around the world.

Assistants could attended the different presentations by more than 280 CEOs and authorities who went as guests. The ECB president, Christine Lagarde; Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse; Visa’s CEO in Europe, Charlotte Hogg, among others

Astonishing figures!

What is Paris Fintech Forum (PFF)?

What to do if you run out of tickets for Paris Fintech Forum 2020? The videos of the fifth edition of the PFF 2020 will be uploaded to the web in a gradual and free way, from the month of March to the month of September of this year. So not is all lost!

And of course, keep an eye on Bitsa posts so as not to miss anything that happens in this important Fintech meeting.

Follow us…

Ventajas del dinero electrónico

Five benefits of using electronic money

As we announced, Italy promotes the use of card payments as a measure to reduce tax evasion in the country. However, this is only one of the five benefits of using electronic money. Cash, although still leading, is gradually losing ground as a preferred payment system for users.

What is electronic money?

According to the European Central Bank, electronic money is a monetary value that is used for Internet transactions. It is an electronic substitute for coins we know. In addition, this type of money is characterized by being stored in electronic media.

There are some entities authorized to issue electronic money, called Electronic Money Institution (EMI), which have an obligation to issue it at face value and this must be accepted as a means of payment by companies other than the issuer.

Leaving aside the debate about whether cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin (decentralized virtual currencies) are considered electronic money or not, it should be noted that it is a very broad concept that encompasses any payment system that involves an electronic medium.

Thus, depending on the support used, one can distinguish between the money attached to the card and the software money.

The first is related to payment methods based on a card that generally tends to be a rechargeable prepaid card. Example: Bitsa Card, where the money is deposited in one of the authorized EMIs in Spain and other European countries. Discover the advantages of a prepaid card without a bank account. The second type, electronic money stored under a software format allows transactions to be carried out without requiring additional software or hardware. Ex: wallets.

Benefits of using electronic money

The five benefits of using electronic money in your day-to-day life are briefly summarized below.

  1. Security
    Top-ups or deposits made by the user are guaranteed because electronic money is backed by a trust: The companies responsible for managing electronic money are subject to the control and supervision of the relevant institutions.

    In addition to this, electronic money is safer because it is not possible to lose it, receive counterfeit money or erroneous amounts, as is the case with cash.
  2. Without banks in between
    Users maintain the privacy of their data (balances or movements they make). The movements are in the private network of VISA and Mastercard.
  3. Speed
    Exchanging electronic money is a simple and instant process. You save time and gain security.
  4. Less costs
    As it is not associated with traditional banking institutions, there are no operating expenses, nor maintenance costs for having your money in good standing.
  5. Traceability
    Especially important in the business field since electronic money facilitates compliance with the requirements of corporate transparency for possible audits.
España educación financiera

Spain fails in financial education

On the first Monday of October, World Financial Education Day is celebrated, an event organized since 2015 by the Bank of Spain and the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) under the objectives of the OECD. The day aims to raise awareness among citizens of the importance of being financially well informed.

However, how informed are the Spanish about it? The latest estimate of a well-known online comparator, based on data from the INE, shows that 25% of the spanish population has no knowledge of financial products. That is, more than 7 million Spaniards have no knowledge of finance and are confused by terms such as T.A.E, Euribor, Risk premium, etc.

And specifically, almost 50% of young people between 18 and 24 years have admitted that they don’t know the conditions or commissions of their financial products.

From Bitsa we consider important to promote this financial education, but we also believe in an easier life, without fine prints and without ties. Therefore, we position ourselves as the alternative to traditional financial institutions.

Why pay to save your own money in your bank? Why pay exaggerate commissions to get your money at ATMs, and especially when traveling abroad?

Discover the differences between credit, debit and prepaid cards and cross into the universe of rechargeable cards without bank accounts.

Diferencia entre tarjeta de crédito débito y prepago

Bitsa prepaid card

Card without bank account for those looking for a life without unnecessary worries

No catches, no gimmicks. Bitsa prepaid card allows you to manage your money in a convenient and simple way from the App. Recharge money instantly and enjoy how, when and where you want.

You currently have several ways to recharge the Bitsa prepaid card:

    1. From another card
    2. With vouchers that can be buy, with cash, in hundreds of shops or ATMs
    3. By transfer
    4. Even with cryptocurrencies!

Are you one of those who thinks that saving money in the bank is safer?

We regret to inform you that you are wrong. If one day your bank declares bankruptcy, the EU regulations stipulate Deposit Guarantee Schemes by which you would recover up to a defined limit of your money.

But what would happen if you have your money in Bitsa? Well, exactly the same! We are also part of the European Deposit Guarantee Schemes.

The money in your Bitsa account is deposited in one of the 5 Electronic Money Entities recognized by the Bank of Spain. Your money is deposited in an Electronic Money Entity and not in a bank, so we cannot do business with it, nor lend it to other clients, as banks do.

In addition, to the Bitsa prepaid card you pay € 0 maintenance, creating an account is free, you can also get a free virtual card (the physical card has a unique cost of € 19.95) and you have no maximum balance limit.

What if you need to get money abroad? If you are in the SEPA zone (Single European Market área) the limit is € 1,500 per day.

Agree! It is important to pass in financial education, but it is not necessary to complicate our life.

Don’t keep wondering why Bitsa and join the Bitser Revolution now.

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