Instagram Shopping: what it is and how to use it to buy on Instagram

A study from a university somewhere in the world surely reveals that we spend more time on Instagram than with our loved ones. And that’s true, but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing, especially when Instagram integrates a function that allows us to buy beautiful gifts for them and make those moments in company doubly enjoyable. Find out what Instagram Shopping is and how to use it to buy on Instagram.

What is Instagram Shopping?

Instagram Shopping is a tool that allows any seller to sell their products directly through Instagram. With this function, a buyer can see the price of each product in the publications, click and be redirected directly to a shopping cart within the platform where they can pay with credit cards, debit cards or other means of payment.

This tool simplifies much of the process of buying and selling products on Instagram and has been shown to increase the number of daily transactions on the platform. The product was launched in Spain in mid-2018 and its growth has been constant since then, further enhanced in times of confinement in which there has been a significant increase in online purchases.

Instagram Shopping: qué es y cómo usarlo para comprar en Instagram
Instagram Shopping: qué es y cómo usarlo para comprar en Instagram
Instagram Shopping: qué es y cómo usarlo para comprar en Instagram

How to buy on Instagram Shopping

Having an Instagram account and the updated app are the only requirements, and the procedure can be defined in the following steps:

1- You must click on any “buyable” image that appears in the feed or that you search for own account. These are easily distinguishable since they show a small icon with a shopping bag.

2- By clicking on them, pop-up windows will open with the detail of each product and its respective price. If you click on a product, a new page will open where you can see a larger image of it.

3- If on this new page, you click on the blue “Buy now” button, you will be redirected to the official website of the product where you can choose the means of payment and finally execute the transaction.

As you may have noticed, shopping with Instagram Shopping is a relatively simple process, which is further simplified when you choose to do it with virtual prepaid cards to shop online such as the one we offer at Bitsa

Our international prepaid card is ideal for online purchases since it is not linked to a bank account and that allows you to buy safely and quietly in any country, knowing that the limit is always the amount available on the card.

Tarjeta virtual Bitsa tarjeta prepago compras online

5 cheap European cities to travel

I write this article from the idyllic beaches of Tahiti in French Polynesia. Actually, that’s what I’d like to say one day, but for now I’m content to find cheap destinations where I can enjoy my vacation and return home without saying “I’m broke.” So, if you have plans to visit the old continent at a very low cost, follow me in this review of 5 cheap cities in Europe to travel.

Skopje – Macedonia:
The capital of this country is one of the cheapest destinations in Europe and you can visit it for less than 20 euros a day if you are willing to share a room in a hostel or deprive yourself of eating in expensive restaurants. A very beautiful city perfect to combine on a tour of the Balkans.

Ciudades baratas viajar europa

Budapest – Hungría:
A great European capital with museums, churches, architecture and a lot of history. Be sure to visit the Museum of Fine Arts or Andrássy Út Avenue and if you want to save on food I recommend visiting the Central Market where you can eat surrounded by the most authentic Hungarians.

Ciudades baratas viajar europa

Belgrado – Serbia:
This is another of the cheapest destinations in Europe, mainly because its main attractions do not have paid access, since they are public and free areas, and you should not spend too much on transport because all the places are found within walking distance. We recommend the Nikola Tesla Museum and the Temple of Saint Sava.

Ciudades baratas viajar europa

Bucarest – Rumania:

The capital of this incredible country, victim of countless bombardments during the world wars, is another of the cheapest destinations in Europe. There you can explore the picturesque historic center, lose yourself in the gardens of Herăstrău Park, be impressed by the huge parliament or travel in just a few hours to the legendary Transylvania.

Sofía – Bulgaria:
One of the capitals with the largest number of cultural and sporting events in all of Europe, where you can eat for just 2 euros at any local restaurant. After filling your belly, don’t forget to visit the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the Boyana Church or the National History Museum.

Ciudades baratas viajar europa

Now that you have learned where to spend less, we also want to leave you with a tip that only travelers with an IQ of more than 130 usually take into account and that the rest of us need to be reminded of: prepaid cards.

Before you travel don’t forget to request a prepaid Bitsa card. This is a prepaid Visa card that will allow you to avoid hundreds of unnecessary commissions, manage comfortably between different types of currencies and manage your expenses in a very simple way.

Mejores juegos apps para movil

The best mobile games

For everything but to call! Mobiles are our inseparable partners that allow us to keep up to date with everything our BFs and our crushes do, help us evade from the boomers with our playlists and entertain us with quizzes, challenges, games and funny filters (Have you heard of the cat filter that is being all the rage?).

These are the best mobile games because … We ❤ Games!

Must! The best mobile games

1. Fortnite

Obviously, Fortnite must to appear in the first position. A revolution of gaming. Playing Fortnite Battle Royale is much more than playing a video game, its games are fast and intense and allow you to share it with several players from different platforms (computer, mobile, console etc).

For those who haven’t heard of this worldwide phenomenon, Fortnite is a zombie game in which survivors cooperate online to keep their fortress safe. Form squad with your friends, equip yourself and enjoy!

** Fortnite IS NOT compatible with: iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus; iPad Air, Mini 2, Mini 3 and iPod Touch.

Fornite mejor juego para móvil con amigos

2. HQ Trivia

This app is a live game where every day participants can win prizes if they manage to solve all the questions, which start being easy but then get complicated and a lot!

HQ Trivia has had very special guests like The Rock, Robert De Niro or Alicia Silverstone, giving great prizes.

TV is no longer needed to participate in a big contest and win a large sum of money. Prizes, emotion, competition, speed and much wisdom. Can there be a better combination?

HQ Trivia juego app móvil

3. Clash of Clans

If you have a strategic spirit, this is your game!

The game consists of creating a defense against the attacks of other players. Gradually, the village will become stronger, until it becomes a great and powerful city.

If you are one of those who play CoC, you will know that the best defense is a good attack, especially when gold and dark elixir are at stake. If you are one of those who still don’t have this mobile game, be careful, because it hooks!

CoC Game

4. Brawl Stars

The Brawl Stars is pure action. This game is set in the old west and consists of frantic multiplayer battles. Brawl Stars has more than 20 characters, which are called Brawlers and have different skills and characteristics that evolve as the game progresses.

Most game modes are in 3-on-3 games that can be played alone or with friends. The perfect excuse to meet 6 friends and have a good time together!

juegos móvil más top

5. Last Day on Earth

A survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world. The year is 2027 and the world is witnessing an outbreak of an unknown infection that destroys almost the entire human race. In the middle of a world in ruins, and without rules, the player will try to survive the wave of zombies.

It is a game that requires strength but also a lot of cunning because it’s one all against all in which fighting against zombies isn’t the only thing to worry about. The game characters also get hungry, thirsty and need resources to defend or transport themselves, etc.

This game is sweeping up to be cataloged by many as one of the top best mobile games. Are you going to stay without playing?

Mejores juegos para móvil Last Day on Earth

6. Pokemon Go

The Pokémon fever hit very hard in 2016 with its revolutionary app. However, there are many pokeadicts who still play with their mobile to capture all the wild pokemon around the city.

The game has evolved a lot in recent years until incorporate augmented reality and giving a more complete experience that narrows reality with the virtual universe.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All!!

Mejores apps de juegos para móvil Pokemon

Nowadays, most online games allow you to buy extensions and introduce improvements for the game as well as for the characters. Have you ever bought a virtual sword, armor or super powers for your favorite character? Regardless of whether you are more or less gamer, surely you have ever used this to take your character to a more pro level and win the game. There is no problem in recognizing it.

However, the problem is making those purchases…with your parents’ card!

Did you know that you can convert your weekly allowance into electronic money to make digital purchases? With the Bitsa Young card, for young people between 14 and 17 years old, you’ll have the financial freedom you desire and spend only the money you decide to top-up. You can reload it by sending money from another card, with transfers, with cash (more and more points of sale are available in Europe) and even with cryptocurrencies!

In addition, with this prepaid card for young people, your parents will have the peace of mind of having their money in a safe place because it isn’t  associated with bank accounts.

Games to share time with friends, disconnect and have a good time. And well, #tbt it may also take us time from “obligations”, but who doesn’t have a vice-entertainment-hobby? We are gamers, young, digital but not antisocial. We love games!

Cat filter face OMG

The cat-face filter that will freak out … your cat!

Once again the videos of kittens come to the rescue of our more boring day. This time, the viral video arrives from China and is a constant compilation of LOLs.

In the Chinese version of TikTok (Douyin) a cat filter that changes the human’s face to a feline’s face has gone viral. Although, more than the realistic filter quality, it has gone viral because of the reaction of cats! Users of this social network have started to star funny videos recording their own pets freak out. What comes to be a total trolling.

At the moment when cats discover that the real image of their owners is not reflected on the screen, they react in very different hilarious ways. Some cats run, others are shocked, others even tend to attack the owner… Their heads explode!

If you want to have a laugh, check out this compilation video with the best moments, taken from the Chinese People’s Daily news portal.

Cats discover the cat filter

Do you dare to join this fun viral experience?

Speaking of cats and virality, we can’t miss one of the memes that is on the way to becoming the most viral meme of this 2019. Yes, we talk about the famous woman’s meme shouting at a cat, widely used on Internet to make jokes about discussions. Known as “Smudge the Cat Meme

It was in May 2019 when a Twitter user joined the image of the cat (2018) with a frame from the American reality show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (2011). The rest, it’s already known.

El Meme del gato


Meme de la mujer señalando al gato


Do you want to have yours customized? Here you have a link so you can create your own cat meme.

Smudge the Cat Meme Generator
Top booktubers

Yes, we read! Top 5 Booktubers on Youtube

Who said young people don’t read? Another adult nasty comment to point us as retards and bit up our generation. But this is fake.

We are interested in reading. Simply, our habits are really different and we combine print and digital. Just take a look to the thousands of subscribers that Booktubers accounts have in YouTube.

Recommendations, book reviews, tips, interviews … This YouTube book influencers show that we are interested in culture and reading, despite the fact we have other ways of informing and interacting.

TOP 5 BookTubers on Youtube

1) PolandbananasBOOKS409.000 subscribers

One of the most well-known BookTubers is Christine Riccio. She loves comedy and reading fantastic books.

2) abookutopia – 369.000 subscribers

Sasha is a book-o-holic (and proud). At least, that’s what she says. Her bookshelf, her dog and her passion about Scotland are full well known by her followers.

3) Jessethereader – 362.000 subscribers

Jesse defines himself as a book warrior. Jesse has been around BookTube for a long time and is one of its male most well-known figures.

4) A Clockwork Reader – 254.000 subscribers

Although there are many book reviews on Internet, Hannah knows exactly how to get your attention. Check out this BookTube Channel before if you want to hear some previous interesting recommendations before your next book.

5) Little Book Owl – 183.000 subscribers

Catriona created her Youtube channel to keep track of the books she read as well as expressing her thoughts and opinions.

What are you waiting for? Buy books online with your Bitsa Young card and be part of the big YouTube Book Club, or BookTube rather.

Series playlist

The playlists of series of the moment

World television day is celebrated in November. In case you want to know, it has been held since 1996 on November 21.

Although we don’t watch much television because we prefer to decide what content to watch, how and when we want (that’s why we are more than HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime … tbh), the truth is that we have much to thank this medium. Why? For the series!!

The series have their origin in the radio, television was in charge of giving an image to the stories that make us go to bed at 3 am today by self-deceiving ourselves with the typical: “just one more episode and to sleep.”

An picture is worth a thousand words, but what about the sounds? Finding the perfect music for the perfect moment is very complicated. When they get it, the effect is AMAZING! Moreover, many of the songs of our favorite series have become big hymns.

Series and Spotify, can there be a better combination? Here we bring 5 playlists of the most top series of the moment.


Sexuality, love, drugs, friendship, alcohol … The Gen-Z break taboos and this HBO serie is in charge of showing it.

It isn’t the typical “teen series” and its soundtrack is just a sample: sooo killer!

Euphoria HBO playlist


A fun comedy produced by Netflix that also escapes the classic topics of teenagers. Abortion, feminism, self-acceptance, homophobia, fear, love … Topics that don’t fit to just one generation, nor the themes of his playlist.

Sex education Netflix playlist


Ok, this is the typical teen drama. Well, of millionaire teens. Even so, it has become an international phenomenon. Love and hate, sex and crimes, rich and poor …. infallible combination.

As for the playlist, it is full of the hits of the moment. The playlist you could play perfectly in the next party at your friends’ house. Hiiits!



Nothing can we add about this series. The famous ‘Bella Ciao’ is already a hymn but we encourage you to discover other great songs that will make your hair stand on end. A perfect soundtrack for a perfect series.

La Casa de Papel Netflix Playlist


This black humor comedy tells the story of a young girl who suffered harassment for being fat and years later returns thin and wanting revenge (No, this isn’t a Spoiler). Cool and fun, as its playlist with Rihanna, Bieber, Kanye West or Pink songs. Are you going to resist?

Insatiable serie playlist