Merry Xmas Bitzer!

Merry Bitzer Xmas!

Start the revolution and leave behind your childhood!

Omg! It’s Xmas! And despite we love to get some presents: a video game, new trendy clothes, etc. It is time to welcoming order type of gifts. 

Who says Mon€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€y?!!


Now it’s when someone bored guy says: “but money can’t bring happines!”

Ooook boomer! 

But we want right now is freedom. The freedom of being young (not children!) and this starts controlling our own money. My allowance, my Christmas bonus or the money I earned in my first work, it’s my money!

I don’t know what I’m going to do with all these dough… what I clearly know is that I don’t want more cash. Like a young adult that I am, I use my own card but without the dead boring banks, the commissions and other stuffs like that.

Sounds impossible? No! Sounds perfect. In fact, it’s REAL!

Bitsa Young Card is a perfect prepaid card if  you’re between 14 and 17 years old. So, you no longer have to wait at 18 to give yourself a treat! 

How about a video game? How about a digital subscription? Clothing, random things and big bargains on Internet? Enjoy your favorite digital content thanks to your own money, but wirh a card that you can use online

Need you pay sth or share share expenses with your buddies? Transfer money instantly between “Bitzer” from the same Bitsa App.

Bitsa Young Christmas

Bitsa isn’t “another product for teens”, it’s a way of life! The freedom of being Bitzer!

It’s not too late, join the Bitzer family! A centennial generation who feels young, digital and empowered. With Z from Bitzer

Merry Z-mas and take a look on this 10 steps for waiting properly your Christmas bonus

And if you’re actually The Grinch on these dates, play yourself testing this funny cat-face filter with your pets, while your family drink and drunk all day all night cause the Xmas pretext.

Christmas bonus what to do

What to do with your Christmas bonus?

Yes, Christmas is here!

The holidays begun and many plans invade our phones: Meet with friends, visit the family, celebrate New years Eve, enjoy Christmas gifts and also time to rest. Especially after the cheek pulls from that familiar with a strident voice that ends up getting drunk before the end of Christmas dinner.

Keep calm, smile and post an Instagram stories!

In addition to finishing swollen like beach balls, another very typical about Christmas thing is to end with the wallet plenty of bills and coins.

“Bread”, “Cabbage”, “Folding stuff” or whatever you want to call it. The fact is that giving money never goes out of style… and it freaks us out! And even more if we are broke.  

What does go out of style is the way to receive those long-awaited Christmas bonus.

Cash? WTF????? 

What to do with a 20€ in cash if what I want is to buy the last extension of the video game with which I’m super-hooked? What to do with all the cash if I usually buy clothes and other bargains in stores that aren’t in my city? 


Ecommerce buy online offers young
playing video games buy extensions
What to do Christmas bonus Young

What to do with the Christmas bonus?

We are the Z generation, the cash is outdated, now we pay with the mobile and with our own card. Still without your Bitsa Young card?

Follow these instructions if you want to know what to do with your Christmas bonus. 10 simple steps!

1) Choose a bangin’ outfit for the Christmas dinner.


2) Don’t complain if you´re seated at “the children’s table” with the rest of the cousins (lucky you are if don’t have to be the nanny of the entire troop).


3) Gobble up all the food like there’s no tomorrow. #FoodComa


4) Smile to all the comments about how much have you grown this year and about how physically you look like to a distant relative.


5) Wait with some calm – and fake surprise – the moment of your Christmas bonus.


6) Receive your Christmas bonus and stop acting. (Yes, here you can stop smiling at everyone).

7) Get your phone, download the Bitsa App and request your Bitsa Young card.


8) Redeem your Christmas bonus for rechargeable vouchers for your Bitsa card. You can find it in hundreds of physical stores and online: such as Carrefour, Fnac or SixthContinent.

9) Control your money comfortably, how and when you want. Directly from the App!


10) Invite your colleagues to enjoy Bitsa Young and thus you will be able to send money instantly.

What else do you need? A reading book, pijamas and some socks are the guaranteed presents are going to drop like every Christmas. Get ahead asking for your prepaid card without ties, bank accounts, or stranger maintenance fees. Just enjoy!

Ah… and Merry Xmas!!!

Santa Bitzer Xmas Card
Xmas tree Bitsa young

Bitsa Young: The prepaid card for Teens

» Because cash is a bluff! Bitsa Young: The prepaid card for teens aged 14 to 17

8 November 2019

The Bitzer community welcomes young centennials since, as of today, the Z generation can now enjoy Bitsa, the reloadable VISA prepaid card.

Perhaps teens between 14 and 17 are still not clear about where they want to go, but they do know what they do not want. They ignore bonds, prejudices and being treated like children. It is a 100% technological generation that lives in a world that is moving towards digitalization in all aspects, starting with money. 

It is a generation that embraces the future and still has many needs to cover.

So, Young people also have an interest in blockchain tokens. From those who are curious to know the exciting universe of cryptography, to the more gamers who acquire tokens for their favourite video games. So, why not offer them a crypto-friendly account?

Jóvenes tarjeta prepago

Bitsa Young: Free, Digital and Crypto-lovers

In order to help them claim their place as digital, free, responsible and crypto-lovers, Bitsa opens the doors with this new product: Bitsa Young.

From today, young people aged 14 to 17 are much freer when managing their money.

With Bitsa Young, they will learn to manage their money through a reloadable prepaid card, not associated with any bank account, without paperwork, or maintenance costs.

They can even top it up by converting blockchain tokens into euros: BTC, BCH, DASH, LTC, XLM, XRP or ZEC.

> They will only have to: download the App (for iOS or Android), invite parents for authorization, request the virtual and/or physical card and top it up instantly.

What to do with the allowance or Christmas bonus? Redeem them for Bitsa top-up vouchers, available in hundreds of physical and online stores, associated with the Bitsa network – such as Carrefour, Fnac, tobacconists – and manage all movements comfortably from the App. Very useful and secure for digital content! Cash is not even cool!

When travelling or having a snack with friends, when buying video games or other digital content, or for possible unexpected events, a rechargeable card is the best solution.

Why Bitsa? Because the Z generation already has the freedom to be Bitzer

Young, digital and crypto lovers.

Tarjeta VISA prepago
Generación Bitzer

With Z from Bitzer

Youngsters, digital and empowered.

We may don’t know where we want to go yet, but we know what we DON’T want.

We pass from bonds, we pass from prejudices and from being treated like childs.

We don’t know how to make a tax return yet, but when we have to do it, we’ll have hundreds of tutorials on YouTube.

Nor do we know how much rents are paid today but we can have all that information just by extending our arm and opening Internet.

And we won’t know many other things about the “adult world”, but we have our whole lives ahead of us to learn.

Instead, do you remember how you were with our age?

Had you heard of climate change, social inequalities or economic crisis? Were you aware of the world in which you lived? Did you want to be treated as responsible and mature young people?

This world also belong us and it seems that we have to take the reins of our own future.

Where to start? By claiming our place, as free, responsible and empowered youth.

Yes, we’re #living when the teacher misses class or when we go to the cinema with friends and a huge bag of sweets. Maybe when our crushes approach us we look stupid and then we spend 5 hours stalking his/her instagram. And we may also be a little haters when we have to pause the game and leave the room to greet the second uncles  who come to visit.

All this will surely change in a while.

What won’t change will be our independence, which will sooner or later reach all of us. So, why not start now? Slowly. Starting to show that we know how to control our money.

Cash is a bluff! Cash is old-fashioned.

Now, with the € 50 my grandma gave me for Christmas or the 20 euros of my pocket money, I top-up in my card and buy a mobile phone case from Amazon, the latest video game and all its extensions or pay a snack. Yes, all with a card that I control from an app, without compromise.

I belong to the so-called “Z generation” and I have the freedom to be Bitzer. Young, digital and empowered. #Blessed

What your parents think you are going to do with the money


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