Update 2.1.0: Several cards = infinite possibilities!

JULY 10, 2020


We continue to improve our services and listen to your requests. We present the Bitsa multi-card service to have all your expenses better controlled tan ever.

From now on you can have up to 4 physical cards and 4 virtual cards! Each of them with an independent balance!
💳💳💳💳 What are you waiting to request your cards?💳💳💳💳

Update 2.0.0: Bitsa plans are here!

MAY 03, 2020


At Bitsa we continue offering new services adapted to the needs of our users. In this way, we launch the new BITSA PLANS.

3 different plans for 3 different users with different advantages.
The plans: Free 🌟 Move 🌟🌟 and Pro 🌟🌟🌟
Discover more details about each plan, you decide the one that best suits you! 😉

New Dashboard to operate from your PC

MARCH 23, 2020


If last moth we’ve talked about a new interesting functionality… Today we can present our last new feature:  Bitsa’s Dashboard! 🤩🙌

From now on you can access your Bitsa control panel from any browser through the login button (on the top menu of the web).

What will come next? Stay tuned!!

Update 1.9.0: More tokens to top up 

Top up Bitsa with Ontology tokens (ONT & ONG)

MARCH 10, 2020


Bitsa 1.9.0 update is available on your device.
Among the newness, Ontology tokens are admitted to top up your Bitsa Card. 🤳

ONG and ONT tokens are welcomed! 👏👏

Update 1.8.0: More Crypto to top up

Top up Bitsa with ETH (Ethereum), TRX (Tron), XMR (Monero) and DAI

FEBRUARY 07, 2020


In Bitsa we don’t stop surprising! 🤩🙌
Now you can top up your prepaid card with 4 new cryptos: ETH (Ethereum), TRX (Tron), XMR (Monero) and DAI and we raise to 10 the number of cryptocurrencies available to top up Bitsa instantly. 🚀🚀
And the best has not yet come…
Yes, because soon in Bitsa we will launch another interesting functionality …
Are you ready? 😏

Update 1.7.0: New design and notifications of the movements

JANUARY 22, 2020


We started 2020 with a great surprise! 😎

Bitsa Card now has a more cool, comfortable and intuitive design.
We will also notify you of any movement of your card.
This means that you will receive notifications every time you use your card or receive a payment from a friend or family … you will no longer have to log in to check if you have received the payment or not.

What are you waiting for?

Update your Bitsa App and try it now!

Update 1.6.0 Bitsa Young has come!

You can now teach your children to manage their expenses


Financial freedom is also a matter for young people and from today in the Bitsa App you can request Bitsa Young: the prepaid card for young people from 14 to 17 years old.

Make sure your children always have money immediately, giving them the freedom and confidence to spend responsibly.

Cash is a thing of the past!

Update 1.5.4: New payment method is added for the purchase of Bitsa

October 11 2019

We continue to add new features. Now, with the new App update, you can buy your Bitsa also by bank transfer.

Update 1.5.0: UX design and usability improvement of the app

September 5 2019

Today in Bitsa we have launched a new update with which we release two great news.

  • We have changed and improved the design of the Bitsa App interface (modification of the navigation menu) so that, when navigating it, you can enjoy more and live a unique and memorable experience.
  • It is no longer necessary to fill in all the data of your other cards when you make a transfer to top-up your Bitsa.
    Finally, from today, all Bitzer can store and save their bank card data in the App to top up Bitsa quickly.

Store your credit cards and top-up your Bitsa instantly!

App improvements incompatible with versions prior to 1.4.0

July 12 2019

Hello Bitzer!
In the last few weeks we have performed many improvements and launched new features in the Bitsa App.
That is why, in order to maintain the compatibility of the App with the new services and features, the old versions will stop working.

To keep enjoying the new services of the Bitsa App, make sure you have at least version 1.4.0 installed on your mobile. If you do not have it, we strongly recommend that you update the App now, from Google Play or App Store, to enjoy an extraordinary experience.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and trust!


The Bitsa team

Update 1.4.0: Send money to phone contacts

July 5 2019
With this new update you can finally send money to your friends without needing to know their card code.
This means that, if the phone of each of your contacts has a Bitsa card associated, it will be shown in the list of contacts in the App and you will be able to send money directly to your friends, without having to enter their card data.
Send to all your contacts who have Bitsa in the easiest way!

Improvement of the security system – (2FA)

June 14th 2019

Hello Bitzer,

Throughout June 14 we detected suspicious activity in the login of some accounts from IP addresses different from the usual ones and that is why we have decided to temporarily suspend the service.

In order to maintain the security of all user accounts and funds, we have improved the security system, including verification by the second factor by text message, when you login to the app. This way your account will be more secure…

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